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You Don’t Know Me Until You Know Me: Dr. Michael Fowlin Speaks to Students

Words: Hibah Khan

On the morning of April 20, the students at Centennial listened to Dr. Michael Fowlin, who went by Dr. Mykee, a psychologist and speaker. He gave a speech that emphasized the fact that everyone wears masks to hide their true selves in an effort to evade pain.

The event, organized and paid for by the Centennial PTSA, was offered in two assemblies to the entire school.

Dr. Fowlin incorporated five characters in his talk based off of true events he witnessed or experienced in his lifetime. These stories were used to convey different messages to the audience about important issues like gender equality, racial injustice, and mental illnesses.

Many of the students were deeply moved by this emotional talk because it exposed them  to truths about themselves that they may not have seen before. Dr. Fowlin explained that people are more than their handles: what they wear, the color of their skin, and the grades they get are not what defines a person. He emphasized that pain is not a bad thing; pain is the thing that empowers a person to create something magnificent in the world. His mission was to explain to the student body that they are not alone, and they have a purpose in this life.

“I think it was really eye opening to me and some parts of it I’d never thought of before. I hope everyone takes it with them and learns from it!” said sophomore Regina Wang.

Dr. Fowlin received a standing ovation after he spoke, indicating that he was able to connect with the audience in a way that the students hadn’t experienced before. He voiced the concerns the students have beyond their “handles.”

In the end it was an impressive event that allowed the students to view their struggles in a new light.

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