SAT scores (Kari Dunagan)

In past years, SAT scores of Maryland students have basically remained the same. But last year, scores of students have dropped. This was the same for almost all cities and counties all over Maryland, with the exception of Howard County.

The national average from 2010 had scores including 541 in math, 499 in reading, and 491 in writing. On average, Maryland scores have dropped by 3 points. This includes counties like the Baltimore Counties, Anne Arundel County, and Montgomery County. However, scores in Howard County actually rose 6 points, having higher scores than the national and state average. This included scores of 561 for math and 542 in both math and reading.

Centennial High School averaged a combined score of 1780, being the second highest school in the country, trailing River Hill High School, with a combined score of 1783. Nine students in Maryland got perfect scores last year. Yet, the College Board says, “Only 43 percent of students across the nation are prepared to succeed in college.”  Studies have shown that students who take higher level classes scored an average of 50 points higher on their SAT’s. Secondary education rates have also increased from what they used to be.