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King of Pop’s death verdict (Amy Myers)

Two years ago, a hush fell over the country at the news of Michael Jackson’s death.

At age fifty, the cause of the King of Pop’s death was unsure.  Dr. Conrad Murray was accused and tried for supplementing drug Jackson’s “drug overdose” with sleeping medication Jackson.

On November 7, the verdict was given, and Murray was found guilty of manslaughter.  As it turns out, Murray had prescribed Jackson a sleeping medication given to those who are going through surgery.  This drug is powerful by itself, but mixed with the other medication Jackson was taking during the time, plus alcohol consumption, resulted in his tragic death.

Now Dr. Murray owes $228,420 dollars to a finance company, $135,302 to a leasing company, and $71,302 in school fees, along with the money owed to Jackson’s previous spouses and children.  Murray also faces unknown jail time, predicted to range from six months to three years.  Though Jackson’s grave stone marks his death in 2009, this case proved that nothing was laid to rest until the verdict was read.

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