A Madrigal Experience (Amy Myers)

The Centennial High School Madrigals are warming up their voices for February 13, the day of the Madrigals Festival. Across the county, Madrigal groups from different high schools come together to perform what they have rehearsed. Unfortunately for Centennial students, this event occurs during the school day, so it is not possible to support the musically dedicated members of our school in person.

However, the Madrigal Festival is not the only thing on the minds of these stellar singers. Auditions for next year’s Madrigal group are happening as well. But this is not just for Madrigals; it is for Women’s Choir as well. The students are expected to perform a rehearsed song and complete a sight-reading assignment as well. It may be a nerve-wrecking experience, but members say it is worth the risk.

“The costumes just make it fun,” sophomore Maria Ayoub comments about Madrigals, “but it’s a big commitment.” Ayoub is currently the leader of the Women’s Choir, aspires to become a part of Madrigals next year.