What can YouTube do for you? (Ayesha Ahmad)

YouTube can do for you? Type in Youtube.com and broadcast yourself. Not only has YouTube opened doors for talented individuals looking to be discovered, but it has also revolutionized our lives.

Before, we used to watch television for hours, but what do we do now? Now, with just a click we watch TV shows, movies, animated cartoons and beauty tutorials for free on YouTube.
But YouTube doesn’t merely bring us entertainment; it also brings out the truth of reality. People can post videos of different problems in their countries and let the viewers take action. Fundraising organizations have also used YouTube to help raise money for people in need. YouTube is now streaming two billion views per day.
One of YouTube’s biggest perks is its ability to transform ordinary people into celebrities. Want proof? Justin Bieber. When Bieber’s mother uploaded videos of him singing, she had no clue that in a few months she would receive a call from Usher offering her son a record deal. Another example is singer-songwriter Esmée Denters. She was just a waitress in a pancake house when she used YouTube to turn her dream into a reality. After posting videos of herself singing, she caught the attention of pop sensation Justin Timberlake, who signed her as the first artist on his record label Tennman Records.
On the other hand, YouTube has also brought fame to people in an unpleasant way. Look at Rebecca Black. Her music video, “Friday,” went viral when it was said to be “the worst song ever.” The music video received millions of views with hostile comments left for her to read. Rebecca Black told The Daily Beast, “At times, it feels like I’m being cyber-bullied.”
YouTube is also significant for giving people a glimpse of what is happening in other parts of the world. For example, videos of natural disasters around the world, such as the destruction from the recent earthquake in Japan, are uploaded for people to see.
Many YouTube videos have also touched our hearts. One perfect example is a video of Sam and Esther, two young orphans who were left on the streets of Uganda to die of starvation. Thanks to YouTube, Sam and Esther were given another chance for a new life from the donations that poured in from around the world.
Obviously, YouTube is now one of many features of everyday life that people have come to depend on, to the point that many students interviewed felt that it has become something which “they can’t live without.”