Day 2: 1st P.O.V. Spring Outdoor Track try-outs (Brandi Whittaker)

Today was not as good as yesterday. The main causes were that it was raining and cold outside. Today, I did my warm-ups with the sprinters and branched out to do my workouts with the jumpers. We ran three sets of 150 meters with a two minute break in between. It was easy, but with the rain, it definitely made it more difficult to fully concentrate. Then, we worked on our jumping and height of our jumps. The last hour of practice we went into the media center to do stretches and different types of exercises as a team. Some were funny looking and others really worked the abs, arms, legs, and butt. At the very end, we all gathered in a circle and shout “1, 2, 3 EAGLES!” It was nice to see the team coming together like that, and I just cant wait for the season to officially kick-off.