Day 3: 1st P.O.V. Spring Outdoor Track try-outs (Brandi Whittaker)

Its now going on the third day of practice. It is a Saturday, and it’s very early in the morning. We had practice at 8:30 am, and it was still a little muddy and wet outside. The beginning of practice was pretty good- we did our two warm-up laps and then did our warm-ups as a team. Although, for me, it was harder since my shins were starting to really hurt. Then the hard work began. We did time trials of a open 300 meter dash, and it was kind of hard to go as fast as I could since I didn’t have my spikes. After everyone went inside, Coach Paller talked to us about how we should move our arms and legs while we are running. We then did arm and leg drills to help us with our running form. Once that was all done, we went back outside to do a 10-minute run around the track, which was a killer. Even though practice was hard, it will definitely pay off in the long run.