Happy Bieberthday! (Jordan Kudisch)

Can you “beliebe” the hit sensation Justin Bieber turned 18 on March 1st? Neither can his head over heels fans that agree Justin has grown up so fast!

What’s with all the commotion?

It has been seen all over Twitter, Facebook, Television and basically anything that has a screen that the young singer, Justin Bieber, who became famous after his hit song “One time” turned 18 yesterday, making him not so young anymore.

Scrolling down the timeline of Twitter, millions of crazed fans tweet him in desperation that he replies. As it’s seen all over the Internet, having his 18th birthday was not only a big deal to his fanatic fans but also to fellow celebrities.

Ellen DeGeneres, the well- known TV host generously gave Biebs his second car, a $100,000 plug-in hybrid with a solar panel roof; the Fisker Karma. As it goes to show Justin is well liked and loved by so called “everyone” but what seems to be isn’t true. The lovable all American singer has many haters who put just as much effort in to insulting Justin as his fans do to praise him. “Hey, it’s the girls 18th birthday maybe his voice will get deeper. lol.” Stated an anonymous user on Twitter.  On the other hand, the ones who support him may do it a little more than needed. “ I LOVE YOU JUSTIN! #myhusbandsbirthday!” tweeted an enthusiastic “Belieber.”

The pop star finally hit the big 18th year, making an uproar all over the world! As a boy that got started off making videos on YouTube under the user name KidRaul, he now has so many fans on Twitter that his account has to be supervised. Talk about a miracle, the little Canadian has gone a far way to make his career triumphant and fans anxiously wait to see what hit song he comes out with next. Hopefully, this sensational “adult” doesn’t grow out of the spotlight, and keeps his lovable fans wanting more.