New Coaches (Salman Hashmi)

New JV baseball coach Ron Pusloskie is excited about his first season with the JV baseball team. Pusloskie is a familiar face to many Centennial students. He is a physical education teacher at Centennial Lane Elementary School. Pusloskie’s biggest challenge coaching baseball is being with the team and coaching each player. “It is hard to fit everything that you might want to accomplish in the permitted practice time so it might have to be broken up over several practices.  Also finding the time to work with each individual player to help them improve is hard,” explained Pusloskie. The biggest thing that Pusloskie has enjoyed is being around each player and getting to know them. “I really look forward to working with the players.  I love playing baseball and the game itself.  Watching players develop their skills and understanding of the game is what I look forward to most.  All of the kids have been great.  They come out and work hard and seem to enjoy it which makes things a lot easier for me and the same time more enjoyable for myself as well,” said Pusloskie. Not only has he gotten to know the players, but he has interacted with varsity baseball coach Dennis Ahearn. Pusloskie felt that Ahearn has helped him in coaching the team. “Coach Ahern has been very helpful.  It has been an adjustment getting back into coaching and having the kids adjust to me as their new coach.  He has offered advice throughout and has set a good example running a successful program over his years as CHS varsity coach,” added Pusloskie.