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The Wingspan

Irene turns off the lights (Meghan Coble)

A great cheer resounded through Howard County when all public schools were closed Monday, August 29th due to Hurricane Irene. Although unfortunately for some, school was back in session the subsequent day as Centennial regained its electricity. A handful of Howard County schools such as Atholton High received an extended vacation as power had not been restored in their area, much to the jealousy of CHS students. Well, most students. Even though school has reclaimed its voltage, many Centennial students have not.

The inconvenience of waking up and returning home to a powerless house after a long day of school has sparked irritation in these electricity-lacking high schoolers. The most common complaints placing emphasis on having to shower in other people’s houses and being cut off from the internet and other electronics. Power outages have also interfered with schoolwork.

“My power has been out for six days and the biggest inconveniences have been taking a shower and also being able to study past seven”, Junior Qiyi He expressed. In many cases students have been unable to comply with teacher’s instructions due to lack of power such as being unable to print syllabi and type written assignments. Fortunately teachers have been understanding, as several of our instructors are also out of power.

History teacher, Jeremy Whitaker, said that the power outages have disrupted his usual schedule. “We were out of power for five days and it changed our normal routine. We had to get the kids up earlier and get ready in the dark,” Whitaker explained.

This weekend marks the return of power for many Centennial families, here’s hoping Hurricane Katia does nothing to disturb Howard County’s return to the light side.

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