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Teacher of the Year Announced

Words: Giana Han

On Feb. 12, the administration, accompanied by the SGA, walked into room 305 bearing balloons and a cake.

After the votes of the seniors were tallied, English 11 AP and Honors teacher, Mrs. Chung, emerged at the top of the ballot.

“The students got it right,” Mrs. Hafets said. “She is one of the most gracious, exemplary, giving, generous teachers, and students are so fortunate if they pass through one of her classes.  You can’t imagine how many college essays she accepts, and she has two children. She puts in so much hard work and dedication.”

The group walked into her class cheering with flowers, cake, balloons, and a sign.  Ms. Pasciullo, another English teacher who won the title last year, accompanied the group.  She was wearing the tiara that her 4B class last year gave her in honor of winning teacher of the year.  As the gifts were given to Mrs. Chung, Ms. Pasciullo took the tiara and transferred it to her fellow English 11 teacher’s head.

Mrs. Chung responded by saying, “Thank you to the senior class who was obviously a wonderful first class to teach for my return to Centennial. I have a special bond with the seniors, and I have loved every moment of being here. It’s good to be back.”

Years ago, before any of the current students attended Centennial, Mrs. Chung left to have her children.

According to Dorsey, ever since she returned to teaching, “We have been fighting to get her back. We’re glad to have her back where she belongs.”

Her students from last year were elated to hear she won.

“Mrs. Chung was the most caring teacher I have ever had, someone who makes everyone feel special and never lets anyone feel invisible,” said Pooja Patel.

“Mrs. Chung was different from a lot of teachers in that she teaches what matters in life, like about the college process,” added Daniel Park. “She can give good advice and, in doing so, she is always friendly and helpful.”

According to her former students, she wrote a letter to her class at the end of the year and mentioned each and every person in her letter.

“It’s amazing how after teaching just one year at Centennial, she has impacted so many lives at Centennial.  I’ll never forget the inspiration she has bestowed upon all of us,” said Aisha Alam.

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