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Prom Spirit Week off to a Sleepy Start

Words: Maggie Ju

Photos: Laila Abu-Ghaida

On Monday, April 30, Centennial staff and students kicked off Prom Spirit Week in cozy pajamas. Some donned fluffy onesies, long bathrobes, and even sleep masks to participate. For the students finishing PARCC, it was a relief to end the stressful testing in comfortable sleepwear.

Leading up to Prom on May 5, this spirit week was the last of the school year. The success of Pajama Day was a sign that Centennial spirit persists as the year draws to a close.

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New Forms Art Students Create Inspiring Murals

Words: Maggie Ju

Nineteen students in the New Forms art class will be participating in the Inspire Mural Project, scheduled for Thursday, March 22, but is postponed due to inclement weather closings.

Instructed by art teacher Mark Hanssen, these upperclassmen are creating murals based on Centennial’s values to display uplifting messages to students.

“Mr. Hanssen inspired us to reach within ourselves and create something beautiful while being meaningful,” senior Isabel Trojillo explained. She and other students are working on a design by senior Sophie Lovering, which features the words “Be Kind” in sign language.

“The most important aspect to me is allowing students to see the process so that they can fully appreciate the effort and the values we are reminded of on a daily basis,” Trojillo said, “I cannot wait for our murals to be finished!”

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Chemistry Students Have a Blast

Words: Meghan Moore

Photos: Laila Abu-Ghaida and Zach Grable

Mrs. Rice’s chemistry student’s were able to learn about combustion today, February 23, by watching a demonstration involving an unlucky gummy bear. In addition to the teacher demonstration, students were able to conduct their own experiments in groups.

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Centennial Celebrates Character Day

Photos: Laila Abu-Ghaida, Harshitha Sayini, Minah Mubasher

On December 20, Centennial students dressed up like their favorite holiday characters.  Inspiration came from holiday classics to new favorites.

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Centennial Sleepwalks Through First Day of Winter Spirit Week

Words: Meghan Moore  Photos: Zach Grable

Many of Centennial’s student body broke out their most festive onesies-or just rolled out of bed-and headed out the door for the first day of winter spirit week: pajama day.

Students and staff could look around the halls and see their fellow peers in unicorn onesies, flannel pajama bottoms, and oversized t-shirts.

Tomorrow’s spirit day, December 19, will be season switch day.

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Finding the Perfect Holiday Sweater

Words: Caroline Lawrence

Don’t know what to wear this season?  Wondering how to stand out at your next holiday party, but not sure how to make a festive fashion statement?  How fortunate for you that the Wingspan Online has published this article on trendy holiday sweaters, solving all your sartorial dilemmas.

Each year, these warm, woolly creations make an appearance as our minds start to swing into the holiday mode.  But how can you find a sweater that meets your sense of style?

Marketing editor, Kris Berry muses, “I look at the patterns, you know, I like to find one that evokes the holiday spirit and, you know, really celebrates joy, peace and family.” Though he currently does not own any of these holiday masterpieces, the Wingspan thinks he would look particularly spiffy in a bright red one to match his colorful personality.

Whether you’re dreaming of a white Christmas sweater, or a green one, or a red one, or even a blue one, the part that makes the statement is undeniably the pattern. These fun holiday toppers come in a plethora of different designs. Popular motifs include reindeer, jolly old elves, or decorative strings of lights — some that even blink! If you do not celebrate Christmas, no need to despair. You can still enjoy this trendy tradition with colorful Hanukkah or Kwanzaa sweaters.

When picking your perfect sweater, think about the pattern on the front. You will feel the most comfortable in a sweater that fits your personality. If you like Christmas trees, find one with a tree. If you like reindeer, let us suggest a sweater with a reindeer on it.

If you want to stand out even more, a holiday sweater vest may be perfect for you! For even more festive fun, wear your vest over your colorful sweater to really get in the spirit of the season.

Stay tuned for more fashion advice from the Wingspan, and send your Christmas sweater “selfies” to to be posted on the website!

Centennial High School: Home Of The… Dairy Cows? (Miranda Mason)

John*, a student at Centennial, has spent the week of February 26th
collecting signatures for a petition to change the school mascot from
an eagle to a dairy cow. John has collected 100 signatures as of March
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