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Allied Soccer Ends Season Undefeated

Photos and Words: Meghan Moore

On Monday, October 16, the Centennial allied soccer team made the journey to Columbia to face off against the Oakland Mills Scorpions for their final regular season match.

Both teams had a strong offense, but the ball primarily stayed in Centennial’s possession. The offense was led by the sister power duo Julia and Evie Howser-Doty. Each of them putting up one of the Eagle’s two goals during the game. Senior Matthew Na also had an impressive game, assisting J. Howser-Doty with her goal.

Our Eagle’s defense was as strong as ever, with senior goalie Mike McCarthy shutting down all but one of Scorpions’ goals the whole game. McCarthy had help from his fierce line of defense: junior Ian Winters and senior Dominic Roybal. Seniors Johnathon Hanks and Yousef Tuni also played a great defensive game, deflecting and intercepting several of the Scorpions’ attempts to take the ball downfield. 

The two teams both gave a valiant effort, and Centennial fought hard for their victory. As the whistle blew at the end of the fourth quarter, the Eagles walked off with the final score being 2-1 Centennial.

While allied soccer’s regular season has come to an end, all Howard County allied soccer teams will be traveling to Howard High School on Wednesday, October 18 for the annual Pumpkin Bowl at 3 PM.

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Allied Soccer Rises Against Reservoir

Words and photos: Meghan Moore

On Wednesday, October 4, 2017 our Centennial allied soccer team suited up to play the visiting Reservoir Gators.

The Eagles came out strong on both sides, with junior Ian Winters controlling the defense with senior Mike McCarthy as a reinforcer in goal. During the third quarter the defensive end received a mixup with Yousef Tuni taking a turn as goalie with junior Evie Howser-Doty as his help on defense.

Centennial’s offense was unstoppable, with Howser-Doty leading the scoreboard with four goals. Senior Matthew Na also put up two goals of his own, as well as senior Dominic Roybal with one in the fourth quarter.

Ultimately, our Eagles came out on top, finishing 6-2 at the sound of the last buzzer. This game continues their winning streak.

Allied soccer’s next game is Monday, October 11 at 3 PM, at home against Atholton.

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Allied Soccer Faces Tough Defeat Against Reservoir

Words: Meghan Moore

On September 16, 2015, Centennial’s Allied Soccer team took the field in their home opener against the Reservoir Gators.

The first quarter started quickly with Reservoir asserting their offensive presence and scoring within the first two minutes. However, the Eagles retaliated with a determined defense manned by junior Dominic Roybal, freshman Ian Winters, and junior goalie Mike McCarthy. By the end of the first half, the Gators went into halftime with a 0-7 lead.

Having only a few short minutes to recharge, the players took the field and the Eagles looked like a new team. Shots were flying every which way, and senior Michael Havlik scored the first goal, setting the tone for the final half. Sophomore Mariam Kazmi made her home opener debut with a goal in the second half along with junior Jonathan Hanks.

After a long and hard fight, our Eagles closed the gap, but lost 7-5. Although this was a tough defeat, the Eagles fought to the finish, and have set the tone for the season ahead.

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Allied Soccer Takes on Turkey Trot

Words: Meghan Moore

On Nov. 2, 2014, the Centennial Boosters hosted a Turkey Trot on the Centennial cross country course. Many people turned up for the event, including Centennial’s Allied Soccer team.

Allied runners did a relay through the 5K race of 3.1 miles with student helpers accompanying the runners throughout the course. The allied runners included Dominic Roybal, Orkun Unal, Michael Clark, and Matthew Na.

“I wanted to get up early and do something fun!” said runner Michael Clark when asked why he decided to run the Turkey Trot.

Centennial junior Kewa Gray was there as a helper. Rachel Slattery, Meghan Moore, Anna Crowe, Stephanie Crispell and Mindra Okonski were there as well. The helpers were paired with a specific runners to help with their leg of the course.

“I wanted to help out the allied soccer team. I thought it would be a great experience,” said Kewa Gray, who ran with each of the team member during their leg of the course.

“It felt great to cross the finish line knowing that I helped someone else,” remarked Gray on finishing the course.

Allied Soccer coach Lynn Frost also attended the event. “It was awesome to run with them. It was an amazing experience to run with the team,” said Coach Frost, who like Gray, ran the whole course with the allied runners.

“I definitely see the Allied Soccer team doing this again. Thank you to all of the helpers and Best Buddies who were there today!” said Frost.

Final Sports Results for the Week

Words: Giana Han

Golf: Both the boys’ and girls’ golf team are enjoying a successful season, and they each added another win to their record on September 26.  The boys are 7-3, and the girls have an outstanding record of 8-2.

Volleyball:  The volleyball team is currently undefeated against in-county teams.  The Eagles lost one set to River Hill on September 23, but they were able to win the match, keeping their number of losses at zero.  Centennial is currently 5-0 and has the best in-county record.  The JV team is 4-1, having lost to River Hill on September 23.

Football: The football team lost to River Hill at home on September 26.  This loss brings their record to 0-4.  The JV team also has a record of 0-4.

Soccer: The Varsity Centennial boys’ soccer team beat Oakland Mills 2-1 on September 23.  The JV team also played Oakland Mills and dominated the game with a victory of 8-0.  Their records are 2-3 and 3-0-2 respectively.  The girls’ Varsity team currently has a winning in-county record after recording a W against Oakland Mills which brought their record to 3-2.  The JV girls’ team has a record of 1-3-1.  The Allied soccer team has played against River Hill, Glenelg, and Atholton.  Their next game is at Hammond.

Field Hockey:  On September 26, the Eagles beat the Long Reach Lightning at home, bringing their record up to 3-2.

Cross Country: The cross country teams ran at Bull Run on September 26.  Two girls placed in the top 25 in the girls’ Elite group.  Shreya Nalubola came in second with a time of 19:15, and Devin McIntyre came in seventh after running the course in 20:09.  In the boys’ race, Will Jackson was the only runner from Centennial to place in the top 25 for the boys’ Large group, and he placed twenty-second with a time of 18:10.9.


Scores and records based off of CountySportsZone.com, mdtiming.com and information provided by team members.


Allied Soccer

Words: Giana Han

The Allied Soccer game on Oct. 1 against Hammond was filled with lots of excitement.

Through the course of the game, there were 14 goals scored by the two teams combined.  Lauren Davila, Michael Havlik, and Michael Clark all had multiple goals for Centennial, while Leah Jenkins and Matt Glass scored several times for Hammond.  Dominic Rybal and Karen Vanisko also had goals for Centennial.

The goalies had good games as well making numerous saves. Centennial’s starting goalie Clark and Mike McCarthy both had several great saves. Colin Hersh, one of Hammond’s goalies, played excellent as well, with two amazing saves.

The Eagles and the Golden Bears were cheered on by the Centennial cheerleading squad, which split up and cheered from both sidelines.

More important than the statistics, both teams had fun. “I always tell them the score doesn’t matter,” says Centennial’s senior caption, Vanisko.  “What matters is that we had fun and we showed sportsmanship.”

Centennial Allied soccer coach Lynn Frost agreed with Vanisko. “We work on each kid’s weaknesses, and we try to teach team concepts,” said Frost.  The team, which was created as a result of the Fitness and Athletic Equity law, works to involve children with disabilities in sports, as well as those who do not participate at the junior varsity or varsity level.

Clark, a current junior, said, “I just like being on a team.” Clark has been playing on the Allied Soccer team since his sophomore year.

Howard County schools also offer bowling for students to join in the winter, and an indoor softball team to play on in the spring.

Chris Ashcraft, another Centennial coach, has been involved with the program for several years. “I got introduced to Allied sports a couple years ago through bowling at Glenelg.  I helped out there while I was in college.  I came here and was asked to help out, and said yes,” said Ashcraft.  “I work specifically with an individual kid here and there.  I try to bring their attention to the task at hand.”

The Centennial Eagles work together during their two-month season, which includes eight games and practices five times a week.

“I get to connect to the kids in a different way, making jokes and having fun,” said Ashcraft.  “It’s entertaining at all times between comments, actions, and, in general, personalities.  It’s a continual circle of laughter.”