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Jacoby Jones to be on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars”

February 27, 2013

Words: Kyle Simpson, Ravens Corespondent Jacoby Jones is a self-named "dancing fool." And he was known this season for his crazy touchdown celebration dances, including his jazzed up rendition of Ray...

Ravens-Broncos Preview: A Chess Match for the Ages

January 11, 2013

Words: Kyle Simpson, Ravens Corespondent The weekend is finally upon us where, once and for all, a week of speculation is put to rest. The Ravens go to battle with the Denver Broncos in a game that many...

The Last Dance

January 7, 2013

Words: Kyle Simpson, Ravens Correspondent Baltimore, MD - It was a bittersweet day walking into M&T Bank Stadium yesterday. Everybody was walking in knowing what to expect, but not really prepared...

Raven Ray Lewis to Retire At the End of the Season

January 2, 2013

Words: Kyle Simpson Baltimore, MD - I have been alive for 17 years. As a Ravens fan, I have never experienced a team without Ray Lewis either on the field or on the sideline. The number 52 has become synonymous...

Ravens Lose Third Straight Game

December 17, 2012

Words: Kyle Simpson Disappointment, shame, frustration. There are not enough words in the English language to describe the Ravens third straight loss, this time to Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos....

Baltimore Ravens Release Cam Cameron

December 12, 2012

Words: Kyle Simpson Following two heartbreaking losses, the Ravens and their fans were aware that change was needed in the upper echelon of the coaching staff. That change came Monday morning with the...

Pittsburgh Steelers Defeat Baltimore Ravens

December 4, 2012

Words: Kyle Simpson Baltimore, MD - Frustration. It's the only word that can really come to mind when describing Sunday afternoon's match up between the Ravens and Steelers, ending in a 23-20 victory for...

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