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The Decade of Disney Day

Words: Madhu Lal

Photos: Izzie Chausse and Hunter Hall

On Thursday, October 8 many Centennial students participated in Disney/Character Day. Students dressed up as their favorite book, movie, or television show characters. Although many students participated in the event, many seniors opted to dress in 80’s attire and celebrate Decades Day instead.

Senior Caitlin Crumley says, “I wanted to do Decades Day because it’s been a tradition at Centennial. Throughout the years, I’ve struggled through having 50’s and 60’s as my decade, always looking forward to the 80’s…I’m glad our senior class united together to do decades day instead.”

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Rising Seniors Prepare for Their Final Year

Words: Sandy Eichhorn

With every graduated senior class comes a grade of new seniors. These incoming seniors have a year full of new experiences and adjustments ahead of them. The seniors will celebrate their last Homecoming and Prom, as well as endure the long hours spent working on college applications. These incoming seniors are beginning to prepare themselves for the transition from junior year to senior year.

Rising senior Caitlin Crumley’s senior year will be a hectic one. Crumley will be balancing an internship at Mercy Hospital with being one of the trumpet section leaders for the Centennial Marching Band. Crumley says the hardest transition from junior to senior year will be “time management”.

Through the stress of senior year, rising senior Ian McQuaid plans to do well in school and have fun. McQuaid is looking forward his senior year and everything that comes with it, though he’ll have to “continue to work hard after Senioritis hits.”

Rising senior Jesse Dunagan is looking to end her high school career on a good note.

“I am looking forward to…being one of the leaders of the school,” said Dunagan.

The rising seniors are hoping to have a great last year at Centennial before they have to say goodbye to their friends and leave for college.

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Where in the WORLD?

Words: Bushra Lohrasbi

Summer is a time for adventure and discovery, and Centennial kids definitely know how to go all out. For some, a cliché vacation to the beach or to a relative’s house is the norm for their summer. But this year, students at Centennial have decided to go outside their comfort zone, and have the best summer yet.

Jinia Sarkar and Allyanna Rice, sophomores at Centennial, are planning on traveling with the “People to People” organization, an ambassador program for educational student travel. Heading to Europe, they couldn’t be more excited. “For the past couple of summers, I usually go to camps. But this year, I get to go out of the country and to new places, “ says Sarkar. Going to such foreign places without parent supervision could be scary for some, but not for Sarkar. “I am most thrilled to stay with an Italian family for two days during my trip.”

Will Jackson, also a tenth grader, is joining the “over-seas” club this summer. “As part of my confirmation, my church is going to Ireland. I am kind of nervous but happy to go over seas for the first time with friends.” Even though the trip is only ten days, this one trip will be the “turning point of the summer.”

Students like Tori Stroud, a junior at Centennial, have been planning this summer’s trip for quite a while. “I am going on a cruise with my girl scout troop to the Caribbean. It’s our end of high school celebration!” After a long year of work, a vacation to such a beautiful place sounds perfect. “I am so ready to have a vacation with my friends!”

On the other hand, there are students like Caitlin Crumley, a sophomore, who have been out of the country several times before.  However, Crumley, is not a stranger to the typical boring summer. “Over most summers, I … hang out with friends and go to camps.” However, Crumley’s family went to Kenya when she was little and in the summer of 2009. Crumley decided to go back to where she feels the happiest! She has wanted to go back since returning from her last trip. “I’m going to Kenya to build houses in poor, rural areas. I am so privileged for the opportunity and to go for my third time.”

For the rest of us, let’s make the most of the freedom. Improvise and enjoy your lack of sleep deprivation.  Can’t go to the pool? Tan in the backyard! Can’t go to Rita’s? Make homemade ice cream with friends! Can’t go to your favorite band’s concert? Blast their music and have a personal concert!

Staying in the same place can be comforting to a lot of people, but the occasional urge for adventure is part of our human nature. Hopefully your summer will be one of the coolest yet and unforgettable!