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Centennial Students Score above 90th percentile on National German Test

Words: Carolyn Eichhorn

For the past 54 years, thousands of level two, three, and four high school German students have been taking the National German Test. This test is administered across the country and could have been taken anytime from December 2, 2013 to February 7, 2014 (at the teacher’s discretion). It is made up of 100 multiple choice, matching, true/false, and fill-in-the-blank questions along with a listening and viewing portion.

“The exam tests students’ skills at understanding written and spoken German,” said German teacher Dan Desmond.

From day one, Desmond was adamant that his students speak German whenever they entered his classroom and gave them a small duck when they reverted back to English. During each class, students participate in a wide variety of activities that teach the material that will be found on the test.

“Taking the exam was optional,” commented Desmond, “[But] I definitely think that it is a good idea for students to take the exam.”

Several weeks after taking the test, ten Centennial students were recognized for their outstanding achievement of having scored above the 90th percentile for the exam.

Level 2: William Boodon (95), Ashley Rous (95), and Megan Hromek (95)
Level 3: James Wirebach (97), Cassandra Bernhardt (96), Taryn Betz (96), Esben Jepsen (95), Miranda Mason (95), and Roxanne Shadmehr (93)
Level 4: Zhehao Chen (91)

In addition to those students who placed above the 90th percentile, a large number of students received awards based on their performance.

Gold Award recipients: Cassandra Bernhardt, Taryn Betz, William Boodon, Zhehao Chen, Megan Hromek, Esben Jepsen, Hannah Kempton, Miranda Mason, Ashley Rous, Roxanna Shadmehr and Jamie Wirebach.
Silver Award recipients: Lyndsay Batson, Amber Dietrich, Harrison Gertler, Katerina Havlik, Brita Hawtof, and Jason Shi.
Bronze Award recipients: Alex Booth, Maximilian Dale, Lucas Dittman, Robert Hunter, William Kraft, Amy Myers, and Audrey Schlimm.
Achievement Award recipients: Kathleen Amstad, Tyler Boettcher, Laura Brezinski, Brian Donegan, Austin Kraisser, Brandi Kraisser, Heidi Liu, Patrick Mckinnis, Christopher Neely, Casey O’Neil, Chaluim Potter, Nicholas Smith, Austin Toth, Lauren Young, and Samantha Whittemore.

Burst Pipe at Centennial

Words: Emma Harring

Contributors: Carolyn Eichhorn and Giana Han

Around 7 this evening, the fire alarm went off at Centennial High School and people started to evacuate from the gym and auditorium. The alarm turned off shortly after, and people made their way back to their seats.

A few minutes after, administrators went into the gymnasium and auditorium, instructing everybody to evacuate the building. People were informed that there was a burst pipe in the boiler room and the water was to be turned off, and therefore, no one was allowed to remain in the building.

According to Assistant Principal, Joelle Miller, it appeared to be a burst sprinkler head. Night chief for Centennial, Ian Johnson, responded quickly, according to Miller. A crew from Howard County Public School System arrived very soon after and began work to fix the issue, and Miller believes the situation will be resolved in time for school tomorrow.

At the time of the incident, there was a girls’ basketball game being held in the gymnasium against Long Reach High School, and a freshman midterm review session being held in the auditorium. At this time, there is no word on whether the game will be resumed. Sources close to Wingspan state that the midterm review session will not be made up, due to schedule conflicts the rest of the week.

Centennial Football Team Wins Against Mt. Hebron

Words: Carolyn Eichhorn

On Saturday, September 21st, the Centennial Eagles football team took on the Mount Hebron Vikings in a close and exciting game, but in the end, the Eagles came out on top with a 28-21 victory.

During the first quarter, there was an altercation involving players from both teams which led to players, from the Eagles and Vikings, being thrown out of the game. At the end of the quarter, Hebron was in the lead, 14-0.

The Eagles came back strong in the second quarter with a touchdown from Walter Fletcher, making the score at the half, 14-7. The Eagles scored again in the third, tying the score at 14-all.

During the fourth quarter, the Vikings recovered a fumble and ran it in for a touchdown, taking the lead 21-14. However, Fletcher returned the following kickoff, tying up the score once again at 21-all.

With less than two minutes left in the game, the Eagles offense marched down the field and Fletcher ran the ball into the end zone for his final touchdown of the game. Centennial beat Mt. Hebron, 28-21, improving to 3-0 for the season.

Wingspan Receives Several Awards

Words: Emma Harring

The Wingspan team submitted numerous entries into the Baltimore Student Media High School Media Contest this past year. The results have come in, and several of Centennial’s students were given awards for their work in the publication.

Junior, Miranda Mason, received the third place award for Best News Story for her article, “School Lunches: Fact and Fiction.”

2013 graduate, Shweta Maruvada also received a third place award in Best Arts/Feature Story for her entry, “Staying Fresh.”

Senior, Carolyn Eichhorn, received a third place award in the Best Sports Feature category for her article, “Flach Swings Into His Senior Year.”

Also, the Wingspan website earned second place for Best Overall Website.

Congratulations to the Wingspan Team and for all the people whose work was recognized!

Girls Soccer Falls to Reservoir (Carolyn Eichhorn)

After loosing to Wilde Lake last Thursday 1-0, the Eagles had high hopes to come up on top of Reservoir on Tuesday. However after 14 shots on goal, the Eagles found themselves a goal short at the end of the 80-minute game. Centennial senior, Darby Sinunu, had two shots on goal and junior, Ruthie Lucas, had three. Junior goalkeeper, Lindsey Davis, had 5 saves, including an impressive diving save.

The Eagles JV team won their game 2-1 with a goal in the first and second half. The Eagles’ next game is away against Mount Hebron on Thursday, September 13 with JV at 4:00 and Varsity at 5:30.

NFL Offseason Recap (Carolyn Eichhorn and Emma Harring)

NFL Referee’s Locked Out!

When the National Football League announced that the regular referees
would not be attending and officiating pre-season games in June, no
one was exactly surprised. With the referees having been locked out of
the league since mid-June, replacement referees have been called to
officiate all preseason games. Now they will continue to officiate
regular season games until the lockout has ended.
It all started when the referee’s contract was up in the league and
the National Football League Referees Association (NFLRA) had to negotiate new contact terms including salary issues, retirement benefits, and operational proceedings. When they could not
agree on any certain terms, the lock out began.
Throughout the pre-season, the replacement referees have been
brutally attacked and criticized on their calls, decisions, and lack
of experience with refereeing professional games. Now that the regular
season has started off (the Cowboys played the Giants in Wednesday
night) everyone is concerned about how the change in officials will
impact the game. Most were stunned however with the quality of the
crew on Wednesday night, but that does not mean this pattern will
continue. Blown calls could mean games lost and possible injuries that
could have been prevented.
The NFL Referees Association and the league have yet to come close to
any agreement after several meetings about contract details. As of
September 6, no other meetings have been scheduled.

Effects of the Saints Bounty Program

This past spring the National Football League (NFL) announced that the
Saints defense had participated in a bounty program, also known as the
“bountygate”. Head defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams, gave players
a bonus for intentionally injuring players of opposing teams. Over
twenty players partook in the bounty system from 2009-2011.
Punishments were handed out to the head coach, Sean Payton, general
manager, Mickey Loomis, and assistant coach, Joe Vitt. Four Saints
players who had “key” roles in the bounty program were also given
suspensions. Even with defensive players, Jonathan Vilma and Will
Smith, suspended for multiple games, the Saints still have a good shot
at a successful season, according to Athlon Sports.
The Saints have dealt with other challenges before and have thrived.
This year should be no different as long as their offense remains
dominant, and their defense finds ways to fill in the gaps left by
suspended players.

Eagles Win Against Oakland Mills (Carolyn Eichhorn)

This past Friday, August 31st, 2012, the Centennial Eagles Varsity Football team played their first season game against Oakland Mills at 7pm. It was an exciting game for fans as the Eagles fought there way to a 20-6 win. Michael Price, Quinn Western and Tyler Morris all scored for the Eagles while Nick Cooper made two extra points.

“The game showed how aggressive we play and fast we are,” said Head Varsity Coach Todd Kriner. “They will be some of our biggest strengths on the field this season.” The win against Oakland Mills was the first home win for Kriner since he took the coaching position in 2011. “The game was exciting for the players, coaches, and the fans.  It’s nice to start [the season] with a win.”

Kriner expects this team to do well this season due to the increased strength of the players and players with more experience.

This week the Eagles will play at Wilde Lake against the Wildecats at 7pm. “Our goal is to play hard and not shy away from anything” Kriner added.