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Unfinished Paintings

Words: Chy Murali

Many have seen the painted murals across the walls of Centennial High School. The masks near the auditorium and the piano surrounded by instruments in the hallway next to the orchestra room are some of the many projects the National Art Honors Society (NAHS) has undertaken since the past school year.

Claire Hafets, the principal, asked NAHS to beautify the school. After the designs had been approved by the administration, each mural was assigned a group to work on it. Around 30 artists began the project first by sanding the walls to insure that the pant would stick.
Nan Collins, one of the sponsors of NAHS, said the project was doing well.
“I think they’re excellent,” Collins said, “I think we have great artists.”
Collins is more concerned about the effort than the amount of time spent on working on the paintings. “I would rather take the time to do it well than do it fast and poorly.”
Christina Paul, a 2015 graduate of Centennial, has been working on the murals since last year, but only began painting this year. She finds the experience as something to be proud of.
“I personally have been working on them because it’s fun to work on something with my friends and to add something to my community that I’m proud of,” Paul said, “especially since I still feel very connected to National Art Honors Society.”
Students work on the murals once or twice a week, typically on Thursdays. The murals are expected to be completed next year.
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It’s Academic Wins TV Super Bowl

Words: Chy Murali

On May 16, Centennial’s It’s Academic team came in first place in the It’s Academic TV Super Bowl in Washington, DC. It will air on June 27 at 7 pm on WJZTV Channel 13 and WRCTV Channel 4. The team consisted of seniors Ryan Heslin, Anant Mishra, and junior Gary Tse. Alternates included seniors Weijia Cheng and Mohammed Khader. Centennial competed against Blake High School of Montgomery County and Rappahannock High School of Virginia. Centennial has won the Baltimore Metro Championship in 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2013, and 2015.

This is the second time Centennial has beat the Washington D.C. Metro Area and Central Virginia Champions, the first being in 2009. Captain Ryan Heslin, who made his second appearance at the competition, was glad that the team won a stressful game and came back successfully from their 2013 loss to Blake High School. “I’m very glad that my third and final season on the show has been so successful,” he said, “It would have been very disappointing if we had never won a Super Bowl.”

At the end of the show, Centennial was tied with Blake High School 450 to 450. Ryan Heslin correctly answered the tiebreaker question thus winning the competition. “I felt relieved more than anything else,” he said, “I had made several mistakes during the game, and I would have been upset if we had lost.”

Anant Mishra felt the accomplishment was a team win. “I am extremely happy with how we played as a team and worked together,” he said, “It was truly a team win.” Weijia Cheng was also happy for his teammates’ victory. “I think they definitely deserved to win, having the right combination of real knowledge and instinct to outsmart the TV show questions,” he said.

The team has amassed a total of $6500 dollars in total scholarships for the contestants. Centennial will be attending several national competitions as the NAQT HSNCT in Chicago, Illinois, from May 29-31, and the PACE NSC in Reston, Virginia, on June 6.

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23rd Annual Student Learning Conference

Words: Chy Murali

On April 20, Howard County Public School System’s G/T Education Program and High School G/T Resource Teachers sponsored the 23rd Annual Student Learning Conference (SLC) at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.
The event began with keynote speaker, Terry Eberhardt, the Instructional Facilitator for Music with the Howard County Public School System. Students then attended four 25-minute sessions to hear about the research Howard County high schoolers did on various topics. Following lunch, a fine arts performance showcased many talents of several individuals. Among those from Centennial were Amanda Krew, Stephanie Crispell and Lekha Tantry. 
Junior Hali Kim, a member of the Student Executive Committee, helped in decorating the event. In addition, she also was a MC for the fine arts performance along with Centennial junior Barry Plunkett. Kim has been a part of the GT Intern/Mentor Program for two years and will be interning at the Howard County General Hospital during her senior year. Kim says that the program can be one of the best experiences of high school. “The GT program allows students to pursue or discover what they are truly passionate about.”
Michelle Bagley, the Gifted and Talented Resource Teacher at Centennial, has been a part of the SLC for the past 18 years. Bagley is in charge of the performing arts session and has to help organize the student presenters. Though hectic, she reflects positively upon it. Bagley said, “I enjoy the student comments on their experiences that day.”
Kim says that she is proud that the event was run smoothly, “I did enjoy my day at the conference- mainly because I was proud to see the results of the hours of effort that the SEC and I put in to plan the conference.”
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Centennial Students Represent at JHUMUNC

Words: Chy Murali

Centennial’s Model United Nations (MUN) attended the Johns Hopkins Model United Nations Conference (JHUMUNC) from Feb. 5 to Feb. 8. 35 delegates represented Centennial at the conference which was attended by schools nationwide.

Depending on the committee they were a part, delegates represented countries or historic figures to solve various issues, such as education in impoverished areas, that affect many people around the world. Students worked collaboratively in trying to solve prevalent issues in the world. Two students. Juhi Dwivedi and Daniel Park, won awards from Centennial including a Best Delegate award in Quad Kashmir and an Honorable Mention in the Press Corps respectively.

A novice member included Sally Kim, who feels that she learned a lot from her experience and the other people she met at JHUMUNC. “Any MUN conference is a learning opportunity, I saw how others carried themselves when speaking, what research other delegates conducted, and the variation of ideas that were implemented in resolutions,” she said. The capability of other delegates of her age impressed Kim and has inspired her to continue participating in MUN for the rest of her high school career.

MUN attempts to combine academic and public skill together through public-speaking, debate, and research. Centennial’s MUN has existed since 2006 and currently has 60 active members.

Kim was a part of the Special Political and Decolonization Committee, or SPECPOL, where delegates were given topics such as that of election monitoring and private military contractors. She found the hardest part was representing the country’s views on certain issues of which she differed but noted that, “It is a delegate’s responsibility to accurately portray a country through the eyes of its government.”

Rudia Park, another novice member, represented Benin during the conference. “It was a very great experience,” she said, “It motivated me to improve my speaking skills.”

Nadine Eloseily, the Spring Coordinator of Centennial’s MUN, coordinated the conference for Centennial and was proud of her team’s accomplishments including the two awards and said,“I would also like to thank the board and all the delegates who worked very hard all throughout all JHUMUNC 2015.”

She found the experience enjoyable and was proud of the students at Centennial.

“I feel as though Centennial Delegates did a phenomenal job at this conference,” she said, “This was the first time for many of our delegates to attend a collegiate conference, yet they all were very involved and actively participating in committee.”

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Salvation Army’s Asian Food Drive

Words: Chy Murali

Centennial’s Salvation Army will be hosting the Asian Food Drive from Feb.19 to March 4. Ramen, noodles, spam, canned veggies, soybeans, peanuts, dried beans, and other goods will help benefit low income Asian seniors in Columbia, Maryland.
Donations will be accepted at the collection box in front if the cafeteria. Help the Salvation Army reach their goal of 600 items!
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Parent Teacher Conferences Have Arrived

Words: Chy Murali

It is time for parents to meet with their students’ teachers at Centennial High. Centennial is offering pickAtime, an online scheduling program for appointments, again this year with students’ teachers. Scheduling began on Nov. 13th, at 7a.m and will end at midnight on Nov. 18th. Parents will need their students’ ID number, which can be found on their report card. If unable to access the internet, parents can call the office during school hours. Conferences are scheduled for Monday, November 24th, till the 26th.

Parents can sign up at https://pickatime.com/hcpss.html, under high schools find Centennial, and log in with your account.

Timings are listed below:

Monday, November 24th – 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Tuesday, November 25th – 12:15 – 2:45 p.m.; 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Wednesday, November 26th – 7:30 a.m. – 2:45 p.m.

Directions for pickAtime:



Day of the Girl

Words: Chy Murali

Day of the Girl, an international movement to end violence against girls and women and empower them for the future, kicked off last week at Centennial with students celebrating the week by supporting the fight to end violence against women. The week concluded Friday on October 11, The International Day of the Girl Child, with students wearing yellow and gathering in the Media Center after school, from 2:15 in the afternoon till six, to recognize Mrs. Vanderpool, one of the first and few female athletic directors in Howard County, and watch the CNN documentary, “Girl Rising.”

Mrs. Michelle Mckinnon, a special education teacher at Centennial, organized the weeklong event with the help of students and fellow teachers. With their assistance, posters were drawn and a table was set up in the front of the school to sell yellow ribbons and raise awareness for the cause. Her purpose was to introduce the movement to all the students at Centennial. “I wanted to get the momentum and educate them about global issues and where they can take it,” she stated.

Gabriel Deleon, a freshman at Centennial, felt that it definitely got out a huge message. He attended the the screening of the documentary and was proud to be there. “I liked the part when people got to share their differences and experiences where they are treated differently, but are still not broken by it,” said Deleon.

Centennial students were able to answer the question of what girls plus education meant to them, view the literature display in the front of the school authored by girls, and receive an invitation to the celebration in Silver Spring.

Mckinnon wishes for the event to spread a positive message among women, especially growing girls.

“Girls should know that they can excel,” said Mckinnon. “ Some girls do not know that they can excel in STEM or other subjects. Girls of all cultures should respect each other, but they should also respect themselves.”

After school on Friday, the week concluded with a final event that lasted from 2:15 to 6:00. Students and teachers gathered in the Media Center to listen and watch as Vanderpool was presented with an award. Vanderpool was very flattered and proclaimed, “It was awesome. I think it is a wonderful movement for women. Not just young women. All women.”

Afterwards they watched “Girl Rising”, a documentary that closely followed the tales of nine girls in different developing parts of the world attempting to pursue their dreams while overcoming numerous obstacles. Festivities included cake, goldfish, and popcorn for everyone.

The documentary was one that Mckinnon wanted to show girls. “I wanted the girls to open their eyes,” says Mckinnon, “The girls in the movie had obstacles. All were different. No matter what obstacles, it is you that can overcome and come out to the top and dream big. That’s what those girls did.”

Get $5 Off Homecoming Tickets!

Words: Chy Murali

Be sure to bring in canned foods! The Centennial Salvation Army and the Student Government Association have partnered up to established a “5 for 5” discount for everyone who wishes to purchase Homecoming tickets.

Students who bring in five cans of food during any lunch shift from September 15 to 17 are eligible for a $5 discount on their Homecoming tickets.

Salvation Army members and board members will be available to collect goods during lunch. The maximum discount is $5, but donations of more canned goods are always welcome! If there are any questions on the matter, please contact Hali Kim, the club’s liaison, for any additional details at halis.kim@gmail.com. See you there!