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Looking Cute On Ugly Sweater Day

Words: Sarah Paz

Photos: Ellie Zoller-Gritz

On Thursday, December 20, students participated in Centennial’s fourth day of Spirit Week: Ugly Sweater Day. Students donned their ugliest holiday sweaters to celebrate the impending break.

Friday is Character Day, where students dress as their favorite holiday characters, officially ending Spirit Week and sending the school on Winter Break.

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Centennial Choral Ensembles Perform in Winter Concert

Words: Caleb McClatchey

Photos: Ellie Zoller-Gritz

The Centennial Music Department hosted the annual Winter Choral Concert Wednesday night, featuring performances from all of Centennial’s choral ensembles and clubs.

Concert Choir, the largest ensemble in the Centennial choral program, kicked off the evening with their rendition of Hlohonolofatsa, a South African greeting song. Rebecca Vanover, Director of Choirs, explained how her goal was to explore many different cultures in the music her ensembles performed.

While additional songs by Concert Choir, Bella Voce, and Chamber Choir provided more international flavor, the various ensembles helped put the audience in the holiday spirit as well. Vocal Jazz and Chamber Choir sang the traditional winter songs of The First Noel and Carol of the Bells, respectively. Chamber Choir also sang Serenissima una noche, a holiday song with an international twist.

In addition to Concert Choir, Bella Voce and Chamber Choir, Centennial’s choral clubs, C# Acapella and Vocal Jazz, also made appearances. C#, a student-led acapella group, performed 715 – Creeks. Vocal Jazz, a new group this year, sang The First Noel and They Say it’s Wonderful.

Following performances by all five groups, every singer packed on to the stage for one final song. Afterwards, Vanover thanked the audience for coming and praised her students for their success.

“They truly make me proud to do what I do,” she concluded.

The choral concert capped off a week of concerts for the Centennial music program. All choirs, bands, and orchestras will play again during the spring concerts beginning April 2nd.

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Centennial High School Hosts Their Annual Winter Orchestra Concert

Words and Photos: Ellie Zoller-Gritz

On December 11th, Centennial hosted their annual Winter Orchestra Concert. The concert highlighted the Centennial String Ensemble and Centennial String Orchestra.

The concert began with the String Ensemble playing Menuetto from Symphony no. 5 and Suite of Carols.

Concertmaster, Zeyu Zhong, announced their third piece, Wharton’s Hoedown, which brought an upbeat mood to the concert.

Before the String Ensemble finished with their last piece, Swan Lake Dances, orchestra director, Allen Leung, expressed that he is “so proud” of the String Ensemble for all of their hard work.

After a quick transition, the Centennial String Orchestra started their performance with Sinfonia No. 2, followed by Variations on a Theme by Tchaikovsky.

After playing Suite for String Orchestra, Leung gave thanks to Centennial administration, staff, music team, and the booster organization, Friends of Music. He concluded his speech by saying, “Congratulations to the string orchestra, we thank them for their hard work.”

They ended the night with an arrangement of Carol of the Bells and wished everyone happy holidays.

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Centennial Hosts a Successful Winter Band Concert

Words:Thomas Hitt

Photos: Ellie Zoller-Gritz

On December 10, Centennial hosted their annual Winter Band Concert, featuring Percussion Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Symphonic Winds and the Wind Ensemble.

The Percussion Ensemble opened the night with two song selections. The first was an Overture for Percussion and the second was Diablo, a gentle and delicate piece.

The Symphonic Band took the stage next, playing four song selections. The ensemble’s first song was Bravura, followed by Fall River Overture, then two movements of Three Ayres from Gloucester.

They finished with Carol of the Bells, a popular Christmas song.

The Symphonic Winds entertained the audience later with The Barber of Seville Overture, followed by Puszta and Sleigh Ride.

The Wind Ensemble closed the concert with two upbeat selections.

They performed fewer songs for the winter concert since they will be performing a larger selection at a concert called Tutti: Prelude to The Midwest Clinic.

The concert will be held at Peabody’s Friedberg Concert Hall this Thursday, December 13.

A continuation of the winter concerts was held on December 11, featuring Centennial’s orchestras and continues on December 12, featuring Centennial’s choirs.

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Centennial Volleyball Celebrates the End a Great Season

Words & Photos: Ellie Zoller-Gritz

After a great season on the court, Centennial’s volleyball teams celebrated off the court with a cheerful banquet.

To kick off the evening, all the players, coaches, and families were welcomed into the cafeteria and greeted with food, brought in by the players.

Kenny Mills started the awards by announcing some of the top stats of the season. He followed this by giving his players certificates and sharing a quick few words about each player.

After lots of applause for the freshman team, Junior Varsity coach, Bill Shook, came up to award his team. He started similar to Mills by sharing the team’s top stats. He then called up each girl and told a story about them. Some were personal, funny, or even embarrassing.

After each girl was given their award, their teammates gave them thunderous applause and cheered them on.

Shook also announced that this would be his last year coaching, but said he is glad that he got to spend it with such an amazing team.

Varsity coach Michael Bossom followed Shook’s announcement by sharing that Mills will be taking over as JV coach next year.

Bossom continued the night by announcing his team and their performance throughout the season. He awarded each of his players with pins, certificates, and, for first year Varsity players, Varsity letters.

After all the awards were given the players each received superlatives from their team captains. These superlatives ended the night on a high note, along with one last cheer to close out the season.

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REBEL Chamber Ensemble Performs at Centennial

Words: Caleb McClatchey

Photos: Ellie Zoller-Gritz

On Friday, the REBEL Ensemble for Baroque Music performed for Centennial orchestra students in the auditorium.

In addition to playing multiple pieces, the group also taught students about their unique instruments and playing style. Following their performance, REBEL held a clinic for one of Centennial’s orchestras during 6th period.

A professional chamber orchestra, REBEL formed in 1991 and specializes in music from the 17th and 18th centuries.Their use of period instruments- instruments from the time period the music was written- sets them apart from other ensembles. These instruments produce an authentic sound and allow the musicians to be more expressive.

REBEL is currently on tour and was in the area for a concert at Howard Community College on Saturday.  They will return to Maryland on March 29th for a concert at St. John’s College in Annapolis.

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Centennial Football Has a Hopeful Banquet to Conclude Their Season

Words: Ellie Zoller-Gritz

Photos: Noelle Deal

The Centennial Football teams finished their season on Friday, November 9 with a hopeful banquet and potluck dinner.

As family, friends, and players gathered for a night filled with reflection, they were greeted with good food and a heartfelt speech from Varsity head coach Billy Martin.

Martin congratulated both teams for all of their hard work and dedication to the team. He also thanked the parents who have helped the team, from coming out to support to hosting team pasta parties.

Leaving his speech on a cheerful note, Martin shared some words of hope for next season.

After Martin’s speech, he called JV coach Chris Smith to the front to present certificates to all JV players. Coach Smith called each player up, saying a few words about each player and how they helped make the team better.

As JV players finished receiving awards, Martin returned to present varsity players with their varsity letter, participation pin, and a special captains pin for Junior Captain, Malik Chester.

Every player was greeted with sentimental words from Martin and a handshake from every coach, along with their awards.

Once every player had received their awards, the players went up to the front to present the coaches with awards. They thanked their coaches for helping them through the season.

The night was filled with lots of laughs as people shared jokes and memories to close the season.

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