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Former Centennial Student, Tyler Johnson, One of Mall Shooting Victims

Words: Amy Myers and Emma Harring

Around 11:15 on Saturday, Jan. 25, a shooting took place inside of the Columbia Mall, leaving two victims and the shooter dead. Victims Tyler Johnson (age 25) and Brianna Benlolo (age 21) were both employed at the Zumiez store where the incident took place.

Centennial alumna Sarah Gregorini shares her thoughts via Facebook about Tyler Johnson.

Wingspan has confirmed with Howard County Public Schools that Tyler Johnson was a Centennial High School student.

Mitch Koehler, a Centennial alumnus from 2007, lived down the street from Johnson, who would drive Koehler to school. “After we graduated we would hang out in front of our houses just chatting and skating,” Koehler said.

Koehler, as well as several other Centennial graduates, posted their condolences on Johnson’s Facebook profile and expressed their shock and sorrow.

Mitch Kohler, former friends and classmate of Johnson, shares his reactions to the incident via Facebook.
Mitch Koehler, former friends and classmate of Johnson, shares his reactions to the incident via Facebook.

“In all honesty,” Koehler began, “as soon as I heard about the shooting I was pretty mad because this stuff keeps happening and as a gun owner and hunter these things [affect us] because the state has been changing laws about guns. But as soon as I heard it was Tyler my outlook completely changed. I wondered how? Why? What happened? How is his family doing? Things like that. I was pretty upset. Tyler was a good kid. He went through his troubles like we all do but last I talked to him he was doing much better and seemed really happy about it. He had a lot of friends and was always good to talk to or get a laugh out of. He’ll be missed by many.”

As part of the Centennial community, the Wingspan team sends its deepest condolences to Johnson, his family, and others involved.

Burst Pipe at Centennial

Words: Emma Harring

Contributors: Carolyn Eichhorn and Giana Han

Around 7 this evening, the fire alarm went off at Centennial High School and people started to evacuate from the gym and auditorium. The alarm turned off shortly after, and people made their way back to their seats.

A few minutes after, administrators went into the gymnasium and auditorium, instructing everybody to evacuate the building. People were informed that there was a burst pipe in the boiler room and the water was to be turned off, and therefore, no one was allowed to remain in the building.

According to Assistant Principal, Joelle Miller, it appeared to be a burst sprinkler head. Night chief for Centennial, Ian Johnson, responded quickly, according to Miller. A crew from Howard County Public School System arrived very soon after and began work to fix the issue, and Miller believes the situation will be resolved in time for school tomorrow.

At the time of the incident, there was a girls’ basketball game being held in the gymnasium against Long Reach High School, and a freshman midterm review session being held in the auditorium. At this time, there is no word on whether the game will be resumed. Sources close to Wingspan state that the midterm review session will not be made up, due to schedule conflicts the rest of the week.

Volleyball State Finals Summary

by Emma Harring

College Park, MD – The Centennial Eagles volleyball team had an outstanding season with an 18-1 record, including the playoffs. The team remained undefeated throughout the regular season and played their hearts out in the playoffs.

On November 16, the Eagles faced the reigning state champions, the North Hagerstown High School Hubs, in the 3A State Championship. The Eagles and the Hubs remained in a close back and forth battle throughout the first two set.

“We came out strong, but we didn’t continue our strength,” said senior Trisha Mockapetris, who finished with fifteen kills. “You have to want every point. You have to play every point like it’s the last.”

Unfortunately, the Eagles lost the match in three sets (20-25, 23-25, and 12-25).

“We were beat by a better team,” said head coach, Larry Schofield. He added, “We didn’t execute the way we needed to.” Both Schofield and some of the players agreed that the team played tentatively and the players started second guessing themselves.

White-Torreullas said that “not hearing each other all the time,” and the noise level from the fans effected communication on the court.

Junior Jessie Link said that the players learned to work as a team this year and she believed that the winning tradition of volleyball had been restored to Centennial. The volleyball team has three current seniors that will graduate this year: Hannah McKown, Trisha Mockapetris, and Lexi White-Torreullas.

Senior Lexi White-Torreullas said that while she was upset that she lost, she remembered the real reason for being out on the court.

“It is about having fun, not always about winning or losing.”

Varsity Volleyball Moves to State Semi-Finals

Centennial High School – Ellicott City, MD – Volleyball Update

The CHS Lady Eagles Varsity Volleyball team won 3 sets against Howard High school in the MPSSA 3A East Regional Final. This victory will carry the team to the state semifinal game this Wednesday, November 14th, against La Plata High School. The game will begin at 8:00 pm and take place in the Ritchie Coliseum at University of Maryland College Park. To see an updated bracket provided by the MPSSA, click here.

Lady Eagles Win Against Atholton

by Emma Harring – Sports Writer

After an undefeated season, the Centennial Eagles volleyball team went
into the 3A East Regional Semifinals with high hopes.The team played
the Atholton High School Raiders on November 7th and came away
victorious in four sets.

Junior Jessie Link said that although they expected to play
Mt. Hebron High School, they went in to the game anticipating a
victory. The Eagles came out strong in the first two sets,
over-powering the Raiders with scores of 25-17 and 25-22.
The Raiders put up a challenge in the third set defeating the
Eagles 25-22. However, after re-focusing and re-grouping, the Eagles
came back in full force. A tight race between the two teams led to a
back and forth battle at the end. The Eagles won the final set, 29-27,
because of key plays by junior Kristen Ritchie and seniors Lexi
White-Torruellas and Trisha Mockapetris. Continue reading “Lady Eagles Win Against Atholton”

NHL Pushes Back Opening Day (Emma Harring)

Opening day for the National Hockey League (NHL), originally scheduled for October 11, has been pushed back due to the leagues inability to resolve issues related to the lockout until October 24th. The first two week of the season, totaling 82 games throughout the league, were wiped out earlier this week. The main issue causing the delay is deciding how to divide up the three billion dollars in revenue with the players associations.

The league must also consider the economic effects that will occur due to the delay of the season on the various cities across the country. Fans are hopeful the NHL will come to some resolution in the upcoming weeks.