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Strutting with the Staff

Words: Sandy Eichhorn

Photos: Michael Merkey

On Thursday, February 11, teachers from all Howard County High Schools came to Centennial to compete in Strutting with the Staff. Centennial had sixteen teachers who impressed the judges and crowd, winning the competition. Centennial teachers Kathryn Carlsen, Antoinette Roberson, David Matchim, Megan Cleveland, Page Barnes, Alexandra Ward, Susan Helmrath, Erin Fisher, Cathy Aballo, Claire Hafets ,Tracy Scaltz, Jennifer McKechnie, James Zehe, Carole Sormanti, Bernadette Mullinix, and Christopher Panzarella, performed a group number, and Centennial’s Senior Dance Company danced during intermission.

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How Centennial Students Can Manage Stress

Words: Jacob Mauer

Students are put through many levels of stress on a daily basis both at school and at home. Students find that learning to manage stress is the key to success.

The causes of stress vary from person to person and from situation to situation. One student could be worrying about college preparation while the next is frantically looking over notes for a test that they are ill prepared for.

Jae Hi Hebler, a guidance counselor at Centennial, says that finding the source of a student’s stress is key to relieving it. Some causes of stress are avoidable and should be avoided, but some are unavoidable, such as a test or a presentation.

When the cause of stress is avoidable, skills to manage stress are invaluable. Some techniques students use include listening to music, playing sports, playing games, exercising, spending alone time, and hanging out with friends.

While these techniques can work, Hebler also recommends talking about the stressful situation with someone, not specifically a counselor. Along with talking, breathing techniques can relieve stress as well.

Erin Fisher, a teacher and tennis coach at Centennial, says that while sports can help with stress, they don’t help everyone. Some people who don’t enjoy sports can dance or sing, but it is important that they find what helps them best. Though Fisher encourages her athletes to participate in sports, she also recommends they prioritize their school work.

If a student has schoolwork that needs to be done, it should take priority over playing outside. “A balance between relaxation and work should be established,” said Fisher.

She also stressed the importance of self-care. Sometimes, when people are overwhelmed and stressed, they neglect to care for themselves. Not caring for oneself can make a person feel even more overwhelmed than before, which is counterproductive.

Stress can occupy your mind whether you are stressing over a small or large thing. If someone finds themselves overwhelmed, they can always go to either a counselor, a friend, or family member.

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Centennial Tennis Teams Win 2015 County Tournament

Words: Ashley Berry

The Centennial boys and girls tennis team won the Howard County Tennis Tournament this year for the first time since 2001. The tournament was held at the Wilde Lake Tennis Center from Tuesday, May 5, 2015 to Saturday, May 9.

Overall, Ram Kotnana placed 2nd in the Boys Singles, Lexi Hackerman and Gaby Schito placed 2nd in Girls Doubles, and Jazmin Walle and Andrew Tsai won 1st place in Mixed Doubles.

While only 20 of the 27 students on the team participated in the tournament, those who did not play came to support and congratulate their teammates. All players who participated made it through the first round, and many of them made it to the quarterfinals. The girls team is: Sarah Ho, Maryam Elhabashy, Lexi Hackerman, Gaby Schito, Angela Kou, Shiori Mori, Jazmin Walle, Lina Choi, Alice Xue, Lia LasCasas, Tina Ye, Ipse Sokvary, Nikki Nacion, and Sanjara Neerumalla; the boys team is: Ram Kotnana, Arthur Tsend Anant Mishra, Peter Ho, Vincent Liu, Andrew Deng, Andrew Tsai, Andy Tseng, Phillip Balakirsky, William Liu, Thomas Regnante, Nadrew Zhou, Nick Zou.

Erin Fisher led the teams through the season as their coach. Fisher said, “It [the tournament] was a complete team effort and would not have been possible without the contributions of all those involved.”

The boys’ team has also won the county title and the girls are in second place. Both teams will continue to represent Centennial this Thursday and Friday, May 14 and 15, in the Regional tournament.

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First Annual Strutting with the Staff

Words: Ashley Berry

The Howard County Public School System Educational Foundation, Bright Minds, hosted their first ever Strutting with the Staff on Saturday, March 21 at Glenelg High School. This fundraiser raised money to benefit the Bright Minds Foundation and the Students of the Howard County Public Schools.

Strutting with the Staff was a dance competition for all staff and teachers of HCPSS. Teams of dancers competed for votes from people in the community as well as a selected panel of judges: County Executive Allan Kittleman, Becky Funk from Monster’s Dance and Coleen West from the Howard County Arts Council.

The Centennial High School team started to practice in January. Theo Brown and Rebecca Clark, two teachers at Centennial, choreographed the dance and taught it the other 13 members: Mrs. Hafets, Mr. Dorsey, Mrs. Helmrath, Mrs. Barnes, Mrs Fleegal, Mr. Matchim, Mr. Barrett, Miss Hammers, Mrs. Reynolds, Ms. Fisher, Ms. Carlsen, Mrs. Beall, and Ms. McKechnie.

There were 3 different categories of winners: most money raised, most entertaining and judge’s choice. After all their hard work, the Centennial team took home first place for all 3 categories and was named the grand champion.

Many of the staff members on the team had some experience with dance or performing. Barrett and Brown did Step for their fraternity, Hammers was on the dance team when she was a student at Centennial, Fisher has experience in Irish Dancing and Reynolds participated in Centennial’s show, Dancing with the Staff, last year. Also, Carlsen and Matchim are Centennial’s theatre teacher and band director.

On the other hand, there were members of the team, such as McKechnie, who were not dancers and did not have any experience. She said, “The dance was difficult for me to learn because I have not done this kind of thing before. I also wanted to make sure I got it right so I didn’t let the team down!”

“We had some very talented dancers on the team, but as far as our success goes, I think that ultimately it was the patience, dedication and expertise of Mrs. Clark. She had the vision to put everything together and gave us great instruction and encouragement,” said McKechnie. “We had so much fun! It wasn’t everything, but winning was great and I would definitely do this again!”