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Girls Basketball Falls to Meade High School

Words and photos: Delanie Tucker

On Wednesday, December 20, 2017 Centennials girls varsity basketball team fell in a close game to Meade High School with a final score of 43-48.

For the entire game the points were coming from both teams at about the same pace, but Meade managed to keep their lead throughout.

Meade maintained their lead by out-scoring Centennial in the first quarter and then focusing on their defense for the rest of the match, closing Centennial down as best they could.

Although Centennial out-scored Meade in the second half of the game, they weren’t able to score enough to take the lead, losing by just five points.

“I think [Centennial] played okay, we didn’t play well in the first quarter and that dug us a hole that we couldn’t get out of for the next three quarters. We out-scored [Meade] over the second, third and fourth quarter,” Robert Slopek, the girls varsity coach, said after being asked what he thought about the outcome, “the first quarter we didn’t come out with the energy we were hoping to come out with and it just dug us a bigger hole than we could manage in this game.”

The result may not have been what they hoped for, but the eagles had multiple plays from both the defense and the offense that had a big impact on the outcome of the game. Additionally, there were also many players that greatly impacted the outcome, players such as sophomore Brook Anderson and junior Chandler Worthy, the two scoring 19 of Centennials 43 points.

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Centennial Girls Basketball Triumphs Over Atholton

Words and photos: Delanie Tucker

In their second game of the season, Centennial’s Girls varsity basketball team earned a big win over Atholton with a final score of 55-29.

Although there were many players that had a big impact on the final score, players such as juniors Ashley Molz and Jordan Dossett, were two girls that clearly stood out throughout the match. The two top scorers for the Eagles were sophomores Brook Anderson, number 12, and Rasa Welsh, number 13. Together they scored 34 of Centennial’s points. Welsh finished the game with 14 points and Anderson with 20, 18 of which came from scoring three-pointers.

In what was a close game in the beginning, Centennial came out with a great victory, both their defense and offense showing off their skills, shutting Atholton down as best they could. The team looks forward to their next game and hopes to come out with the same results. The Eagles will play C. Milton Wright High School at Centennial on December 13 at 5:30 PM.

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Girls’ Basketball Falls to Long Reach in Playoffs

Words: Michael Merkey

On Tuesday, March 1, the Varsity Girls’ Basketball team lost to Long Reach High School in the second round of the 3A playoffs, 53-48.

The Eagles fought hard and the game was close until the last few seconds. The team played very well and had a great season overall.

Senior Kewa Gray led the Eagles with a game high 22 points followed by sophomore Kelly Simmons (17 points), senior Ally Driscoll (7 points), and junior Jasmine McCree (2 points).

The Eagles finished the 2015-2016 season with an overall record of 15-9.

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Girls’ Basketball Defeats Reservoir in Playoffs

Words: Michael Moore

Photos: Hunter Hall

On Friday, February 26, the Centennial Girls’ Basketball team defeated the Reservoir Gators in the first round of the 3A playoffs, 49-35.

Sophomore Kelly Simmons had an outstanding game, registering a game high 19 points. Senior duo Ally Driscoll and Kewa Gray each had 11 points, junior Jasmine McCree had 6, and freshman Ashley Molz had 2.

The team will take on Long Reach on March 1.

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Lady Eagles Advance in Basketball Play-offs

Words: Mike Moore

On Friday, Feb. 27, the Centennial girls’ basketball team took the court against the Long Reach Lightning for an opening round playoff game. The Eagles won 57-40.

The Eagles got out to a hot start as junior Ally Driscoll set the tone early, knocking down key jump shots to establish an early lead. Senior Anna Mitchell scored in double figures, but also had a great game all around, playing great defense and creating many transition opportunities for the Eagles.

In the second half, freshman Kelly Simmons led the way, hitting everything from jump shots to lay ups and free throws to score the majority of her 15 points in the last two quarters. Centennial also got good all around play from seniors Jordan Burke and Kimmy Eads, who both had two points. Driscoll finished with 19, Mitchell had 11, and juniors Jesse Dunagan, Kewa Gray, and Peyton Conley all finished with 2,2, and 3 points respectively.

The Eagles will travel to Poly for their next step in the playoffs.

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