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A Day of Celebration for the Lady Eagles

Words and Photos: Giana Han

Feb. 20, 2015 was a day full of celebration for Centennial’s girls’ basketball team; they not only earned a convincing win, but they also celebrated Senior Night in addition to the moment when senior Anna Mitchell scored her 1000th point of her high school career.

After the tip off, Marriotts Ridge quickly scored the first two points of the game.  However, this would be the only time they held the lead in the game.  The combined effort of Mitchell and freshman Kelly Simmons on the offensive and defensive boards quickly put Centennial up. The Eagles were off, and they never looked back.

The first quarter was dominated by Mitchell who led the team in every aspect of the game.  The Mustang’s defense could not stop her as she breezed by through the paint, dropping lay-ups and sinking foul shots.  By the end of the quarter, Mitchell had already accumulated three rebounds, four steals, a block, and an overwhelming 16 points that helped put the team up 23-5.  However, she was still 10 points away from her goal.

The Eagles continued to dominate through the second quarter with the aid of seniors Kimmy Eads and Jordan Burk who contributed with baskets, boards, and steals.  They finished out the half with a score of 44-8.

After a performance by the Drill team for the half time show, the Eagles came out to continue their excellent play.  Players were constantly rotated off the bench, and everyone hit the court, but Mitchell was left in to keep playing.

This game presented Mitchell with the opportunity to reach 1000 points, but she continued to pass the ball, giving other players the chance to score as well.  However, just points away from hitting 1000, Mitchell came down wrong on her ankle, and had to be taken out of the game.  But Mitchell was determined to make it back in and reach her goal.

“I just told myself I was going to be okay, and I would find a way to get back out there,” said Mitchell.  That quarter she was able to resume playing, and, with seven seconds left in the third quarter, she finally scored the final two points that brought her tally up to 1000.  A time out was immediately called as the gym erupted in cheering.

“It’s definitely a huge accomplishment,” said Mitchell.  “I know no one has gotten it in a long time at Centennial, and it’s good to represent my school.”

The quarter ended at a score of 61-10, and the seniors were retired from the game after a strong performance from all three.

The underclassmen took to the floor and secured the win with a final score of 67-21.  Every team member played a part in the win.  Eight players put points on the board, including Mitchell (28), Simmons (8), Eads (7), Burk (7), and Izzie Chausse (7) among others.  Those who did not score still contributed with rebounds and steals, creating an impressive effort by the entire team.

Mitchell summed up the success of the game, saying, “I couldn’t have done it without my awesome teammates.  They were great tonight; they understood my goal and helped me every step of the way.  It was a much needed win after our loss yesterday.  It feels great to come back with a big win, especially on Senior Night.”

From here, the Eagle’s basketball program will be heading to play-offs.  The girls will play on Friday, February 27, so come out and support the team!

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Photos from the Girls’ Basketball Game Against Long Reach

Photos and Words: Giana Han

On Feb. 3, the Lady Eagles played the Long Reach Lightning in basketball during their Future Lady Eagles Night.  The J.V. lost 27-32, but the Varsity won handily with a score of 36-23.

During half time, Centennial’s Drill team danced to Meghan Trainor’s song, “Lips are Moving,” and future Lady Eagles came out onto the court to play knock out.

Lady Eagles Take Down Undefeated Rivals in Basketball

Photos: Shalini Malhotra

Words: Giana Han

The girls’ varsity basketball team pulled off a stunning victory in a high scoring, highly competitive game against the Hebron Vikings.

From the start, the two teams were neck and neck.  Centennial scored the first points, but Hebron quickly answered.  By the end of the first quarter, the Eagles were only up 13-11.

The Eagles came out strong in the second quarter with purpose and aggression.  Senior Kimmy Eads and freshman Kelly Simmons worked hard in the paint and helped the team to score 16 more points, and sophomore Ally Driscoll sunk a morale raising three point shot.

On the defensive end of the court, senior Anna Mitchell dominated the boards with defensive rebounds, and Driscoll caused turmoil in the Vikings’ offense with multiple steals and deflections.  The strong defensive front put up by the Eagles held the Vikings to six points for the quarter.  At the end of the first half, Centennial had extended its lead by 9 points, 29-20.

After halftime, the two teams stepped up their defensive games.  The ball changed possession quickly with steals and blocks by both teams.  Hebron outscored Centennial 14-9, but the Eagle’s lead was enough to keep them ahead going into the final quarter  with a score of 38-34.

With the end of the game approaching in the final quarter, Hebron upped the intensity level.  By pressuring the Eagles and causing many turnovers, the Vikings were able to go on a scoring run and bring the game within two.

“I knew we were getting frazzled by their intensity,” said Eads, “but we just had to push it and finish the game our way.”

Mitchell took the game back into control by converting several steals and defensive rebounds into points, and Eads and Driscoll hit several crucial foul shots.

The final seconds were stop and go as Hebron used up their fouls, and several calls went their way to keep the possession under the Eagle’s basket.  However, Driscoll intercepted the pass that would have been the Viking’s last chance to tie the game, and when the final buzzer rang out, it was the Centennial team that poured onto the court.

They had beaten their rivals -their previously undefeated rivals- 52-49.

One of the factors that helped the Eagles to emerge victorious was the extensive preparation that went into getting ready for the game.

“We had a lot of our alumni [basketball players] come back and help out at the practices,” said Eads. “Every minute of every hour was intense.”

The preparation was evident in the way every player showed up for the game.  Junior Kewa Gray put up five points, senior Jordan Burk had two, and sophomore Sandy Eicchorn snatched two rebounds and two steals.  Driscoll contributed seven points in addition to four steals, and Simmons had two steals, a block, and eleven points.

However, seniors Mitchell and Eads acted as power houses in their final regular season home game against Hebron.  Mitchell dominated the rebounding stats with 11 rebounds and put eight points on the board as well.  Eads led the team in scoring with 15 points.

The Eagles will next head to Marriotts Ridge on Friday.  According to Eads, they plan to “take every game as it comes, with the same heart, same desire, and same intensity.”

Girls’ Basketball Kicks Off Season With a Win

Words: Meghan Moore

On December 5th, the Centennial girls’ varsity basketball team started their season at home battling against the Glenelg Gladiators.

The Eagles started their season at CHS with determination and gave Glenelg very little of a chance for victory.

A few players to note are starting senior forwards Anna Mitchell, Kimmy Eads, senior guard Jordan Burk, junior guard Ally Driscoll, and starting freshman forward Kelly Simmons.

Forward powerhouse Mitchell had 11 points, Burk had five points, and Kimmy Eads scored six points, and there were a few impressive three point shots.   Driscoll scored six points, and starting freshman Simmons made a name for herself, scoring 12 points in her debut game.

Centennial ended the night in celebration with a score of 41-33. They’ll head off to their next game against Long Reach 1-0. Be sure to follow the team at chswingspan.wordpress.com.

The Girls’ Basketball Team Advances in Playoffs

Words: Giana Han

On Friday, Feb. 28, the Lady Eagles won their first playoff game of the year against the Long Reach Lightning, 49-26.

The Lady Eagles are now 3-0 against Long Reach, but this win was much more decisive than the previous 34-31 and 56-44 wins.

“They played us to overtime twice, so that was something that mentally we kind of had to overcome, that this team could definitely beat us and I thought that made us come out harder,” said coach Robert Macheel.

Junior Anna Mitchell put the first points on the board for the Lady Eagles with a foul shot. After that, the Lady Eagles never lost their lead. They were up at the half by 14 points, 26-12.

“I think the first half was the high point of our game and where we extended the lead the most,” said Mitchell who scored 15 of her 17 points in the first half. “Our offense was disciplined, as well as our defense.”

The scoring was wide-spread, with eight players putting up points. Junior Kimmy Eads had nine points for the night, and seniors Brittany Anderson and Sara Downing had seven and six points, respectively. However, defense was also key.

“Long Reach has a really strong point guard who is always difficult to guard,” said Mitchell.

“I thought Sara did a great job defending number one [the point guard] the whole game. She’s a great player, and Sara did great defending her shots,” said Macheel.

Outrebounding the Lightning, the Lady Eagles had 34 rebounds for the night. Mitchell contributed eight, and Eads had ten.

The game ended in a 49-26 victory for the Lady Eagles. From here, they look to improve in order to get ready for the next playoff game.

“[We need to work on] just stopping the middle penetration,” stated Mitchell. “Long Reach got lots of easy buckets from us not stopping them in the middle. That’s how they scored most of their points.”

“We’re playing a great team next in Poly, and so they’re very big and well-coached, so we’ll have to play as a team defensively, especially boxing out and making sure we’re fronting the post because they have a couple very good inside players,” said Macheel.

Girls Basketball Comes Out on Top Against Hebron

Words: Giana Han

On Dec. 13, the Lady Eagles celebrated a victory over their rivals, the Mount Hebron Vikings.

The game started out slow for the Eagles, with only four points, consisting of foul shots from Brittany Anderson and Kimberly Eads, and a lay-up from Sara Downing.  The Vikings made out better than the Eagles, but not by much, and the quarter ended 10-4.

However, a different team showed its face in the second quarter.  With 6:37 remaining in the half, the Eagles were able to tie it, 10-10.

“We knew we could play better than that,” said Downing, Centennial’s lead scorer for the night.  “We just had to forget what happened and start over.”

The Eagles were able to extend their lead, and the half ended with the Eagles up, 20-14.

“They played a runner offense, and we let the pressure dictate how we played, but we started to play at our own tempo [in the second quarter],” said head coach Robert Macheel.

The Eagles were able to maintain their lead through the rest of the game. Hebron came close to coming back when they cut the Eagle’s lead to one with six minutes left in the game. However, a three-pointer from Anna Mitchell gave the Eagles the boost they needed to hold their lead to the end of the game. Foul shots in the last minute from Sammy Albornoz, Anderson, Downing, and Mitchell helped the Eagles to increase the size of their lead until the buzzer sounded, and the Eagles won 49-43.

As a varsity team, none of the players or the coach had ever beaten the Vikings until that game. “It always comes down to a close loss for us, so it feels good to finally come out on top,” said Downing. “Beating Hebron has proven to us that we can beat anybody.”

The Lady Eagles are now 4-0 in the county, three of the wins coming from three straight days.

“We have two more games before break. Our goal is to go into break strong,” said Macheel.  “Wins and losses are not as important as the way we play.  We want to keep getting better as we get closer to play-offs.”