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Centennial High School student publishes their first book

Centennial High School student publishes their first book

Hannah Kim May 4, 2023

Nicole Cavey’s writing journey began on another day of English in a colorful, decorated classroom at Centennial High School. As a sophomore at the time, she received an assignment from her English teacher...

Matilda review: The story of a child genius and her bravery

Matilda review: The story of a child genius and her bravery

Alice Kim and Hannah Kim March 31, 2023

Published in 1988, the book Matilda by Roald Dahl was an instant hit which quickly translated onto both the big screen and stage. The story follows a young girl, Matilda, who is gifted intellectually and...

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Maryland officials encourage hunting to regulate high deer populations

Alice Kim and Hannah Kim March 7, 2023

On January 6, 2023, the Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks opened the hunting season of white-tailed deer for licensed Maryland hunters. Hunters were contracted to hunt only until 120 deer...

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90 seconds till the ultimate death: Doomsday clock update

Alice Kim and Hannah Kim February 27, 2023

We live in a world that is constantly surrounded by the frequent question of when the world will end. Throughout history, there have been many hypotheses to this question, namely the great change from...

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One week foreign language challenge

Alice Kim and Hannah Kim February 15, 2023

Learning a foreign language is difficult and often requires much dedication, effort, and discipline. The process generally calls for a lot of time, commitment, and practice, which can be challenging to...

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What was it like being a student journalist?: A recap of our experience in Journalism I

Alice Kim and Hannah Kim June 9, 2022

Every Monday, we are faced with a great challenge. We sit down and wait for the editor-in-chief to begin our brainstorming session. Hands soar up high in the air, with diverse ideas ranging from the latest...

Every Classroom Has Its Own Story

Ben Huynh , Hannah Kim, and Alice Kim May 10, 2022

Classrooms at Centennial High School are filled with students' works and decorations including poems, posters, drawings, and much more. Decorations in each class vary depending on the teacher and the subject...

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Turning Red Review

Hannah Kim and Alice Kim April 6, 2022

Do you remember a time when life suddenly felt weird? When you felt gross and as if you were being judged by others? If so, check out the heartwarming new Pixar film, Turning Red. Rewinding back to...

Howard County Public School System Changes Start Times

Alice Kim and Hannah Kim March 1, 2022

Every day, high school students wake up at dawn to start learning at 7:25 a.m. On Thursday, February 10, the Howard County Board of Education confirmed a change to the start time, with high school’s...

What are Centennial Students’ Preferred Methods of Cruising the Slopes?

Ben Huynh , Alice Kim, and Hannah Kim February 17, 2022

As the weather cools and ski resorts have opened, avid skiers and snowboarders are now being welcomed into the season.  In Maryland, ski resorts typically open around December and close in March. Originating...

How Students feel about the Cancellation of Midterms

Hannah Kim, Ben Huynh, and Alice Kim February 2, 2022

Midterm season: the most stressful time for students all over the country. After the student body’s attempt in petitioning to cancel midterms for the 2021-22 school year, the Howard County Board of Education...

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