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Hour of Code

Words: Jacob Mauer

The Hour of Code Maryland Contest is back in 2015. This is a contest created by the Maryland State Department of Education,  where a $10,000 of technology donation to the public school that ensures that every student has a minimum one hour of coding experience during Computer Science Education Week (December 7-13).

Donation funds are provided by The Northrop Grumman Corporation, an American global aerospace and defense technology company. Jack Smith, the Maryland Interim State Superintendent of Schools, said that the contest is intended to help students prepare for careers in demand while having fun doing so through games and puzzles based around coding.

According to the Maryland public schools website over 4,500 students were enrolled in computer science and information technology courses over the 2014-15 school year. That year the winning school was Old Mill Middle School South in Anne Arundel County.

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Photos from Centennial’s First Hour of Code

Words and Photo: Anna Mitchell

Neal Patel plays Code Combat in Mrs. Norris’ second period TV class.

Words: Giana Han

Photos: Minnie Gregorini

Warren Zhang, Christopher Savage, and Ryan Sorak engage in an activity that demonstrates coding uses during Mr. Pauller’s class.









Words and Photos: Chythanya Murali

Jennifer Han learns the basics of JavaScript on Khanacademy in Mr. Pauller’s third period.







Miguel Fernandez and Adharsh Babu, along with Nicole Hammond, use their phones to learn coding in Mr. Pauller’s classroom.







Garn Piyarsirisilip uses his tablet to learn coding during the Hour of Code.







Cecilia Dewitt and Neil Rabb pull out their phones to experiment with coding.







Words and Photos: Rus VanWestervelt

Shannon Lear codes instructions for Ice Age characters to find their missing acorns.









Madeline Subasic receives her certificate of completion for coding Frozen.









Logan Um and Anna Crowe draw different shapes using codes.

Kayode Fatodu codes instructions for the popular game, Angry Birds.
Ahmad Shah and Sang Man Yoon code various moves to complete level 2, stage 5 in LightBot.