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It’s Academic Victory

Words: Sandy Eichhorn

On Saturday, February 6, Centennial’s It’s Academic TV Team, composed of senior captain Gary Tse, senior Kevin Costello, and junior Siri Neerchal, defeated Hereford and Reservoir High Schools 675 to 385 to 260 respectively. The air date of the competition will most likely be at the end of April. The competition started with 81 teams and has been narrowed down to 9 teams for the semifinals. This will be taped along with the finals on April 30 at WJZ TV studios. It’s Academic is the defending champion of the Baltimore Metro and the TV Superbowl against DC and Virginia.

The It’s Academic Team thanks the Drill Team for going to the competition as well as Assistant Principal Jim Zehe for attending (when you watch the taping, please pay special attention to how he is introduced by Gary). The team was also supported by the  Centennial Lane Elementary It’s Academic Team and the Burleigh Manor It’s Academic team at the taping.

Centennial’s Quiz Bowl Team comprised of seniors Gary Tse, and Kevin Costello, and  juniors Siri Neerchal and Jason Li,  is now ranked 16th in the nation and our school has qualified 3 teams for the premier national championship competition in Dallas, Texas over Memorial Day Weekend. Centennial will host the State Championships for History Bowl on March 12 and a regional Middle School/Elementary competition on Sunday April 10. It’s Academic  has qualified two teams for the National History Bowl competition at the end of April.

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It’s Academic Defeats Old Mill and Carver Center

Words: Vaishnavi Mahalingam

On Saturday, October 24, the Centennial It’s Academic TV team defeated Old Mill and Carver Center 655 points to 435 and 320, respectively. The TV team consisted of captain and senior Gary Tse (who returns after his Superbowl-winning performance last May), senior Kevin Costello, and junior Siri Neerchal. On January 9, 2016, the tournament will air at 10 A.M. on channel 13, WJZ TV CBS Baltimore.

The team’s next TV taping for the first playoff game will begin on March 1. They have many upcoming competitions, including the Georgetown University Invitational on Halloween and the History Bowl at St. Anselm’s Abbey School in November.

In the largest regional tournament in the country, Centennial will host over 80 teams on Sunday, November 8.

It’s Academic is grateful for the performance on TV by Centennial’s Drill team, who is reliable and professional. It’s Academic thanks the administrators, especially Assistant Principal Andie Roberson who appeared on the TV show, and the Centennial Boosters.

“This level of success would be impossible without their financial support,” director Eric Seifter commented.

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It’s Academic Takes the Prize

Words: Madhu Lal

The It’s Academic team hosted the Capital Region Championships for the National History Bowl on Saturday, March 7. The event housed 30 different groups from distinct schools, all of whom competed head to head in a variety of history related competitions.

Teams are split into different levels, and Centennial’s varsity team is comprised of seniors Ryan Heslin and Weijia Cheng and juniors Gary Tse and Kevin Costello. The junior varsity team comprises of Rohan Laljani, Jakob Boeye, William He, and Steen Alme.

During the event, teams went head to head against their competitors, each round testing the accuracy and depth of knowledge the students possessed. By the end of the numerous trivia rounds, Centennial emerged victorious. Despite having to compete against both private and magnet schools, Centennial’s varsity team was able to win first place in the championship and the junior varsity team, won second place.

Along with the History Bowl, a separate event, History Bee competition, was won by Weijia Cheng, with Ryan Heslin coming in second.The team as a whole has been recognized as one of the top 20 national ranking quiz bowl participants and have qualified three of their teams to compete in the National Tournament in Crystal city, Virginia on April 25.

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It’s Academic

On Saturday, February 28th the Centennial It’s Academic TV team of senior and captain Ryan Heslin, Senior Anant Mishra, and Junior Gary Tse won their It’s Academic TV taping at WJZ TV studios . The score was Centennial  700 points,  Mount de Sales 395 points and Perry Hall 380 points.  The Centennial team will now proceed to the semi-finals which will be taped on Saturday May 9th.  You can watch the Centennial victory on April 18th at 10 am on channel 13.
On Sunday, March 1st the Centennial Varsity and JV teams braved the elements to attend the state finals for HSAPQ at College Park.  The Centennial A team of Ryan Heslin, Weijia Cheng, Gary Tse, and Jason Li won the state finals going undefeated 9 and 0, while the JV team of Siri Neerchal, Sahil Saini, Rohan Laljani, Jakob, Boeye, William He and Steen Alme, came in 2nd place in the tournament beating Churchill and C Milton Wright.  The JV team was 2 and 1 against Churchill, and 3 and 0 against C Milton Wright, both Varsity teams. For HSAPQ, we are now the Maryland State Champions for both the Varsity Team and the JV Team for 2015.
We are very proud of our victories this weekend.  Thank you to the parents who were willing to drive despite the inclement weather. Thanks to Mrs. West for attending the taping and the Drill Team for performing on the TV show.
Words submitted by Eric Seifter, Coach
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Centennial’s It’s Academic Team’s Success Continues

Words: Jonah Drenning

At a recent Hammond High School It’s Academic Tournament, Centennial High School’s A Team, featuring Ryan Heslin, Anant Mishra, Mohammed Khader, and Weijia Cheng, placed first, continuing their three year winning streak.

“I am very pleased with our recent success at the annual Green Eggs and Hammond tournament,” said Mishra, “Our success over the past few years has been truly extraordinary.”

Other Centennial teams also performed exceptionally well, with the B Team finishing in fourth, the C Team in fifth, and D team in ninth amongst a field of 36 teams. Even then, several of the Centennial teams were eliminated when they were forced to play each other due to the design of the event’s bracket.

Looking forward, the A and B Teams have qualified for the Partnership for Academic Competition Excellence’s (PACE) tournament, in Reston, VA, and are applying to the High School National Tournament in Chicago. They are hoping to improve on last year’s respective 18th place (out of 96) and 13th place (out of 272) finishes from last year. Additionally, Mishra believes that their spectacular showing at Hammond did not even indicate their true potential.

“The format of the Hammond Tournament was TV style where the questions were shorter, less in depth, and based heavily on buzzer speed,” stated Mishra, “Although we enjoy TV style, our real success lies in quiz bowl, a format utilized throughout the country where the questions are significantly longer and require much greater knowledge as opposed to buzzer speed […] my teammates, myself included, believe that this is where our success can be truly measured.”

With a combination of this advantageous format and many hours of careful practice, the It’s Academic teams will be tested on June 6-7 during the PACE and on May 29-31 in the High School National Tournament.

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Centennial’s It’s Academic Team Rises to the Top

Words: Amanda Ali

It’s Academic is back at it again, starting off at the top of the competition. On Saturday, September 27, Centennial’s 2014-2015 It’s Academic team dominated their first match on the It’s Academic TV Show at WJZ TV studios. Centennial defeated Atholton and Thomas Johnson with a final score greater than the scores of the other two teams combined.  They showed a perfect performance as the team answered every competitive question and directed question and ended with no incorrect responses given throughout the entire show.

The team is filled with extremely dedicated and intellectual individuals that showcase their skills through their competitions. The three teammates that represented Centennial in the competition were senior captain Ryan Heslin, senior Anant Mishra, and junior Gary Tse. Heslin previously won the TV championship of the Baltimore metropolitan region when he was a sophomore at Centennial. “I am very proud of how hard Ryan, Anant, and Gary worked to become such a brilliant and cohesive team,” said team advisor Dr. Eric Seifter. This was Heslin’s ninth TV taping for Centennial’s It’s Academic team, Mishra’s fourth TV taping, and Tse’s very first TV taping.

The It’s Academic Club consists of 55 members. Four to six teams composed of four students each are chosen and sent to numerous weekend quiz bowl tournaments throughout the entire school year. Not only are the teammates dedicated enough to devote much of their time to this team, but they also continue to practice their skills in order to consistently rise on the path to success. Centennial’s team has won the Baltimore TV It’s Academic championship a total of five times in the past eleven years of competing. These students are able to broadcast their intelligence during these competitions, and it does not go unnoticed.

Centennial’s It’s Academic Club and Team practice every Tuesday after school for about three hours. Throughout the year, they never seem to stop their dedication to the team and even go above and beyond to volunteer at Burleigh Manor Middle School in order to train their middle school team.

On November 9, Centennial will be hosting 72 teams from Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. This is the team’s biggest fundraiser of the year, and many club members, parents, and NHS students help to make sure the event is a success.

“I want the students to experience the success that comes from hard work, dedication, team-building, and a culture of excellence and consistent playing,” said Seifter, “Most importantly, we stress good sportsmanship, fair play, and comradery during the competitions.”

If the team continues to excel like they did this past Saturday, they will continue to achieve great success in their future. The next TV taping competition will be on February 28. Don’t forget to catch the airing of the competition on WJZ Channel 13 on November 15 and the next day online at WJZ.com. We all hope to see Centennial’s It’s Academic team continue to succeed in their many competitions to come!

It’s Academic Team’s Continued Success

Words: Amanda Ali

Photo Provided By: Claire Hafets
Photo Provided By: Claire Hafets

On Saturday, Nov. 9, Centennial’s It’s Academic team won their first match on the It’s Academic TV Show at WJZ TV studios. Centennial defeated Seton Keough and Easton by a score of 625 to 320 and 280, respectively. Their score was more than the sum of the scores of the other two teams.

The team was represented by junior, and captain, Ryan Heslin, junior Anant Mishra, and senior Qian Mei. The rest of the team was at the competition showing their support, as well as Centennial’s Drill Team who cheered for the team, and our very own Principal Hafets. “It was the most amazing and emotional experience,” says Hafets.

The match on the It’s Academic TV Show was very overwhelming for everyone participating. Centennial’s team successfully battled each question with barely any time to spare, and conquered the two other teams with determination.

“For both tournaments and for the TV show, we make our teams balanced with experts in different areas to cover all the bases,” says team advisor Dr. Seifter. “Competition and repetition are important components in the training process.”

“From the beginning, Ryan, Qian, and I were pretty confident that we were going to win,” said Mishra. “We would not have this confidence if it were not for our wonderful teachers, dedicated and esteemed coaches, Dr. and Mrs. Seifter, and our numerous club members who push us to work hard and help us prepare.”

The club of about 50 members meets weekly to practice for the TV taping and for weekend tournaments. They aim to practice for speed and knowledge, and they must also study extensively on their own.

Photo Provided By: Claire Hafets
Photo Provided By: Claire Hafets

This year and the previous year have been their most successful years in Centennial’s history. Last year, they accomplished winning the Baltimore Metro TV Championship and were awarded $7,500 towards scholarship money. Their JV team also came in second in the nation in the National History Bowl. This year, the team came in first place in the Richard Montgomery novice tournament against Thomas Jefferson and Montgomery Blair. This team consisted of sophomore captain Gary Tse, sophomores Aniruddha Rao and Pranav Ganapathy, and freshman Jason Li. The team consisting of the TV players listed above and Gary Tse also came in first place in the Blake tournament, beating 35 other teams.

The next tournament that they will be competing in is at Woodson High School in Alexandria, Virginia as well as at the History Bowl at St. Anselm/s High School in Washington DC over the next two weekends. On Sunday, Dec. 8, their tournament against over 60 teams at Centennial will take place. There are many tournaments after the new year that the team will also be participating in. The next TV taping will be on Mar. 1 at 2 pm.

If the team keeps playing like they did this past weekend, there is no doubt that they will achieve every single competition. Don’t forget to catch the airing of the competition on WJZ Channel 13 on Jan. 11 at 10:00 pm!