Centennial Holds the Maryland Blue Ocean Competition

March 22, 2015

Words and Photos: Jonah Drenning On Saturday, March 21, 32 teams gathered at Centennial High School to participate in a special kind of business competition: the Maryland Blue Ocean Competition. Founded by Centennial Senior Nick Benavides, the second iteration of his competition required students to devel...

Centennial’s It’s Academic Team’s Success Continues

Centennial's It's Academic Team's Success Continues

January 14, 2015

Words: Jonah Drenning At a recent Hammond High School It’s Academic Tournament, Centennial High School’s A Team, featuring Ryan Heslin, Anant Mishra, Mohammed Khader, and Weijia Cheng, placed first, continuing their three year winning streak. “I am very pleased with our recent success at the an...

Photos from Holiday Spirit Days

December 23, 2014

Photos: Giana Han, Jonah Drenning, Shalini Malhotra and Izzie Chausse  

Photos from National Writing Day and Eisenstein’s Physics Project

October 23, 2014

Photos: Martha Hutzell Words: Giana Han On October 20, Centennial students pulled into the parking lot to see writing filled parking spots that celebrated National Writing Day.  Mr. O'Brien's Advanced Composition class arranged the event, and they were at each lunch running different writing activitie...

Healthier Foods Throughout the School

October 7, 2013

Words: Jonah Drenning The next time you go to buy a snack or drink at the vending machines after school, you may notice some changes in the selection of snacks. Rather than bags of chips, cookies, and other desserts in the vending machines, there are bags of baked chips, various granola bars, and a ...

Technology Spreading to Students

November 28, 2012

by Jonah Drenning Ellicott City, MD - How would you like to be allowed to use your smart phone in school? Do you think it could be useful to help you learn? Or just a distraction? Recently, the Carroll County School System has considered changing its policy on electronics in schools, according to carro...

Jonah Drenning