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Caitlin Martin Wins 1st Place for Photo

Words: Paul Didwall

Photos: Caitlin Martin & Narvaj Karla

Every year, Towson University’s Department of Mass Communication and Communication Studies distributes awards to high school journalism programs. Recently, Towson University has announced the winners of awards from 2012. This year, The Wingspan’s Caitlin Martin has won a first place award for the best feature photo. From all submissions from across the state of Maryland, Caitlin’s photo of Nathan Kraisser’s journey to his fourth state championship won the judges’ votes. This photo was featured as the main cover of the February 2012 issue of The Wingspan, and accompanied Zack Newman’s sports article which can be found here.

The Eaglets

The Eaglets

The Wingspan’s Newest Journalists

Photo Credit: Rachel Melton

Pictured above are the newest crop of journalist that will soon be bringing the news to our readers. They are all enrolled Journalism 1, a class available at CHS to freshman and sophomore students.

Pictured (Left to Right): Top – Sarah, Mackenzie, Naomi, Carolina, Giana, Jonah, Ethan, Darius Bottom – Tanya, Naseem, Caroline, Michael