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Reading resentment: Why teens have stopped reading for pleasure

Julia Bianchini and Mackie Aro May 26, 2023

Most people agree that reading was an integral part of their childhoods. Toddlers learn lessons of forgiveness and responsibility from imaginative characters and kids explore magical universes from the...

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Has Joe Goldberg finally found a worthy opponent? “You” season 4 review

Julia Bianchini May 15, 2023

TV’s favorite baseball hat-wearing serial killer, Joe Goldberg, has returned as creator Sera Gamble’s You releases its fourth season. Joe continues his problematic streak of finding death wherever...

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In the Ted Lasso franchise, Season 3 is a keeper

Julia Bianchini May 8, 2023

From the depths of reusable masks and social distancing, people found comfort in an unlikely place: the corny jokes of an American coaching British Premier League soccer. When the show premiered in 2020...

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Three students represent Centennial at this year’s Howard County Dance Festival

Julia Bianchini April 13, 2023

Dancers took their beginning pose as the curtains of the Atholton High School stage opened. The intense music and moody lighting set the tone as dancers from all 12 Howard County high schools began to...

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