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Centennial Speaks Up For Change

Words and Photos: Kieran Senisi

Today, February 21, Centennial students participated in a walkout to protest gun control policies.  Many students spoke their minds to the student body advocating for change.  Chants broke out as many people are very passionate about this subject.

The school was open to the students expressing their beliefs.  The walkout was done in an orderly way and all views were respected.

Some were not expecting a big turn out, but many joined in support of change.

“The event displayed a great sense of unity among Centennial students” says sophomore Lien Hoang.

The walkout falls on the one-week anniversary of the school shooting that happened in Parkland, Florida.

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Centennial’s Awkward Improv Group

Words: Delanie Tucker

Awkward Improv Group is run by Kathryn Carlsen, Centennial’s theater teacher, and meets every Wednesday during Eagle Time. The club was first created in 2004, and has new auditions every October. Carlsen is a professional improviser herself, and believes improvised acting is fun because you get to interact with the audience. Eagle Time performances will begin sometime this year, and tickets will be available through Carlsen and Awkward members.

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The Soaring Steppers

Words: Jordyn Blanken

The Soaring Steppers is Centennial’s first step team.  The students work hard together on bettering each other while also performing at basketball games during halftime.  The students also provide a safe place for boys and girls to talk and to step.

Step is a form of percussive dance in which the participant’s entire body is used as an instrument to produce complex rhythms.

The Soaring Steppers meet during Eagle Time and after school on Tuesdays-Thursdays in Mrs. Moody’s room (906). The Soaring Steppers are looking for boys and girls that have, according to Moody, “…dedication, hard work, perseverance, and a positive attitude.”

Tryouts to join the team will be held in October.  Come out and join the team!  The student president is Sarah Fakeye.

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Centennial Boys’ Varsity Soccer Wins Season Opener

Photos: Camryn Desai / Words: Kieran Senisi

On Tuesday September 12,  the Centennial Eagles Boys’ Varsity Soccer team hosted the Glenelg Gladiators for the 2017-2018 season opener.  Both teams were taking their chances to come out on top, which resulted in the game going into overtime. The Eagles were victorious with a goal coming from senior Captain Alex Keppler.

The Eagles are currently tied for first place in the county with Mount Hebron, River Hill and Wilde Lake. They look to gain another victory at Long Reach on Thursday, September 14.


Welcome Back Eagles!

Photos: Zach Grable / Words: Kieran Senisi

Parents briefly relived their high school glory days as they attended Centennial’s 40th annual back-to-school night on Wednesday, September 6. Students presented and advertised their extra-curricular activities.  Centennial Boosters provided this year’s spirit wear for everyone to view and purchase, encouraging students and parents to show their Eagle Pride.



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Centennial Artists Recognized by U.S. Congress

Words: Kieran Senisi

Photos Contributed by: Nan Collins

The Congressional Art Awards Ceremony occurred on June 3, and Centennial did not fail to impress.  Five Centennial artists, including Maria Rodriguez Cardona, Abbigail Hong, Rachel Scheetz, Tricia Park, and Ye Sun Park, entered the competition under the district of U.S. Representative Elijah Cummings.  According to Rep. Cummings, over 650,000 high school students have contributed artwork in this nationwide competition in the past ten years; this year, three of the five Centennial students won top prizes.  

Senior Ye Sun Park took home first place with her painting “Woman in Blue Dress,” and her painting will be hung in the Congressional galleries for a year.  Senior Maria Rodriguez Cardona’s painting “Paper Doll” won a curator award from the Maryland Institute of Art.  Junior Tricia Park’s self-portrait also won a curator award from the Walter’s Art Museum.  Judges were not allowed to know anything about the participants, which allowed for an even playing field for the competition. These artists represented Centennial with pride, and those who did not graduate hope to do the same in future competitions.

*This article was updated on 9 June 2017 to reflect the number of years students have been submitting artwork in this competition.

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