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The Wingspan

The Curious Case of High School Friendships

June 18, 2015

Words: Maryam Elhabashy As another year comes to an end, another class of seniors are off to college and another class of freshmen wait in the wings to make their Eagle debut. What an eventful year it’s...

A Student’s Perspective on Finals Week

June 15, 2015

Words: Maryam Elhabashy For as long as many of us can remember, the last week of school has been either the most or least demanding weeks of the year. In elementary school we strip our cute name tags off...

Centennial Tennis Teams Win 2015 County Tournament

May 13, 2015

Words: Ashley Berry The Centennial boys and girls tennis team won the Howard County Tennis Tournament this year for the first time since 2001. The tournament was held at the Wilde Lake Tennis Center from...

Unsung Heroes

February 11, 2015

From elementary school forward, Howard County students have been taught about the national Civil Rights Movement, but not many know how it progressed here in Howard County.  Read Maryam Elhabashy's article...

Kittleman Statement and Photo Timeline

February 11, 2015

Words: Maryam Elhabashy During the process of writing my story for the "Unsung Heroes of The Civil Rights Movement in Howard County," I tried to get as many credible voices to speak about desegregation...

Centennial Alumni Wins Baltimore Marathon

October 28, 2014

Words: Maryam Elhabashy Not everyone can run a marathon let alone win one. However, Centennial alumni Alex Wang did exactly that on October 18, 2014. She completed the Baltimore Marathon with a time of...

Centennial Students Use Their Passions to Make a Difference

May 22, 2014

Words: Maryam Elhabashy "We feel that although art is used for portfolios and personal development, it is seldom used to directly help those who are less fortunate in our community. It's nice to create...

Centennial Tennis Off to A Great Start

April 10, 2014

Words: Maryam Elhabashy The Centennial Tennis team has participated in eight matches so far, and from what we have seen, they have gotten off to a great start that hopefully foreshadows many great victories...

Be Kind

December 20, 2013

Words: Maryam Elhabashy Be decent. Be generous. Be kind. These are the types of characteristics that we are taught to strive towards. One would think that they are time-tested and true.  But one could...

Social Media’s Effect on Personal Relationships

November 6, 2013

Words: Maryam Elhabashy If you were to go out on any normal day and ask someone at random how many friends they have, they would most likely respond with a question: “What do you mean?  Facebook? Twitter?...

Students Unharmed in Wednesday Bus Accident

September 20, 2013

Words: Corey Grable Contributors: Sarah Yang, Bushra Lohrasbi, Maryam Elhabashy, Madhu Lal, and Diane Ijoma On the morning of September18th, morning traffic was heavily backed up due to an accident involving...

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