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East Coast Prepares for the Wrath of Hurricane Florence

Words: Eliza Andrew

This story has been revised and updated September 14, 2018, 7:04 a.m. to correct the strength of the storm as it makes landfall on the Carolina coast.

After a long summer of record-breaking heat, the east coast prepares to take on Hurricane Florence, a Category 4 storm originating from the lower Atlantic Ocean, just south of Bermuda. Residents of southern states like Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina are strongly advised to evacuate and brace themselves and their homes.

The northern east coast can anticipate heavy rainfall around Tuesday as the storm takes a sharp turn. With the storm expected to make landfall first in North Carolina on Friday, September 14, meteorologists predict the storm will then transition into a Category 1 storm.

As Florence approaches quicker everyday, states in the storm’s direct path like North Carolina and South Carolina, prepare for the worst, but hope for the best.

Photos from The Maryland State Wrestling Championships

Photos: Corey Grable

On Saturday, March 2, 2013, Centennial’s Austin Kraisser participated in the Maryland State Wrestling Championship. Austin took second place in his division after being defeated by Charlie Banaszak of Chevy Chase High School with a final score of 5-7. Way to go, Austin!

Maryland State Wrestling Championship Results

On Saturday, March 2, 2013, Centennial’s Austin Kraisser participated in the Maryland State Wrestling Championship. Austin took second place in his division after being defeated by Charlie Banaszak of Chevy Chase High School with a final score of 5-7. Way to go, Austin!

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CHS Eagles Varsity Basketball Defeats Stephen Decatur High School

Words: Anna Mitchell

Photos: Caitlin Martin

Ellicott City, MD – On Tuesday, February 26, the 14-8 Eagles boys’ basketball team began their journey in the playoffs.  They faced off against the 13-0 Stephen Decatur High School Seahawks. Stephen Decatur, a 3A school, is located in between the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay in Berlin, Maryland. Though it is unusual for a team to travel two and a half hours and over the Bay Bridge to play a match, the Seahawks made the lengthy trip to Centennial for the first round of playoffs.

With tip-off at 5:30 PM, there was a lot of positive energy in the gym. The student section was packed with almost every student wearing red. The fans began with a lot of intensity and loud cheers, as the Eagles snatched offensive rebounds and converted layups. They went on an early run, holding the Seahawks to single digits for almost all of the first quarter. The score at the half was 23-17, Eagles.

The power in the gym decreased as the game progressed. The Eagles extended their lead to fluctuating around twenty points at some moments in the match. The Seahawks could not keep up with the Eagles’ strong crashing of the boards that allowed them multiple offensive rebounds. The Eagles also intercepted many of the Seahawks’ passes to get wide-open layups or another scoring possession.

Although the Seahawks cut the Eagles’ lead to 5 points with two minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, the Eagles weren’t going home after their defeat that began from the match’s tip-off. The final score was 53-37, Eagles.

The Stephen Decatur Seahawks headed home on their long bus ride after a tough loss. Though the end of their season, the Eagles will progress to the second round. On Thursday, February 28, the Eagles will travel to River Hill High School to face off with their boys’ team at 5:30 PM.

Sugar Rush

Words: Amy Myers

Coke or Pepsi?

Soon this question will not be relevant on county-owned property due to the soda ban signed by Howard County executive, Ken Ulman. This means that at locations like Centennial Park or the Miller Branch Library, a water vender will replace the soda machine’s spot next to the sodium-and-fat-filled snack machine. While the motive may be to create a healthier Howard County, the efforts may seem slightly frivolous.

With the ban based solely on sugary drinks, the county seems to pick out soda as the culprit to poor nutritional habits. Instead, according to myfitnesspal.com, a 12 ounce Coke bottle with 140 calories and 39 grams of sugar can be traded for a Hostess Honey Bun with 410 calories and 28 grams of sugar. The total fat of a Honey Bun? 22 grams. These delectable treats are commonly found in vending machines, just like the sugary drinks being banned.

With these statistics, it is plain to the eye that sodas are being blamed for much more than a 12 ounce bottle can hold accountable for. Does that mean we should rid the county of the snack machines as well?

Sure, if the county is willing to replace Cheetos with carrots in vending machines.

The problem is that we are concerned more about the unhealthy snacks being provided, rather than the mental attitude that should be changed. Focusing on hiding the cookie jar from the public only helps until they find a different treat to satisfy their sweet-tooth. Instead, gym memberships could be endorsed by lowering prices, encouraging free seminars, and offering a vending machine with healthier choices available. Most importantly, the county needs to let the people choose their own dietary decisions.

It is not the job of the county to smack the back of our hands with a ruler each time we reach for a soda. It is fair to enlighten us with an alternate route that would lead us to a more wholesome lifestyle, but our rights are threatened when they limit even small choices like availability of soda machines. With a restriction like the soda ban, we limit the ability of people to choose healthy lifestyles for themselves. After all, what would you choose? Coke, Pepsi, or Dasani?

Volleyball State Finals Summary

by Emma Harring

College Park, MD – The Centennial Eagles volleyball team had an outstanding season with an 18-1 record, including the playoffs. The team remained undefeated throughout the regular season and played their hearts out in the playoffs.

On November 16, the Eagles faced the reigning state champions, the North Hagerstown High School Hubs, in the 3A State Championship. The Eagles and the Hubs remained in a close back and forth battle throughout the first two set.

“We came out strong, but we didn’t continue our strength,” said senior Trisha Mockapetris, who finished with fifteen kills. “You have to want every point. You have to play every point like it’s the last.”

Unfortunately, the Eagles lost the match in three sets (20-25, 23-25, and 12-25).

“We were beat by a better team,” said head coach, Larry Schofield. He added, “We didn’t execute the way we needed to.” Both Schofield and some of the players agreed that the team played tentatively and the players started second guessing themselves.

White-Torreullas said that “not hearing each other all the time,” and the noise level from the fans effected communication on the court.

Junior Jessie Link said that the players learned to work as a team this year and she believed that the winning tradition of volleyball had been restored to Centennial. The volleyball team has three current seniors that will graduate this year: Hannah McKown, Trisha Mockapetris, and Lexi White-Torreullas.

Senior Lexi White-Torreullas said that while she was upset that she lost, she remembered the real reason for being out on the court.

“It is about having fun, not always about winning or losing.”