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Safe-Driving Awareness Day

Words: Sandy Eichhorn

Photos: Michael Merkey

On Monday, May 9, Centennial began its Prom Spirit Week by spreading awareness about distracted driving. Students volunteered to be “victims” of car accidents caused by driving while texting and driving under the influence. These students were taken out of class, given t-shirts that said how they died, and had their faces painted white and black.

Once they were taken out of class, the students could not speak for the rest of the day to represent the lives lost due to distracted driving.

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Boys’ Baseball Falls to Oakland Mills

Words: Paul Drutch

Photos: Michael Merkey

Centennial’s Varsity Boys’ Baseball team lost 12-4 to Oakland Mills on Wednesday,  April 13 ending the team’s three game winning streak.  The team started off strong, leading 4-1 until the third inning.  However, after a short spur of unfortunate plays, Oakland Mills took the lead.  Centennial switched pitchers between junior pitcher Matthew Steen was subbed for sophomore Alex Crocamo,
who was then subbed for senior Ben Carr.  The Eagles will play again April 15 at Wilde Lake.

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Zaching Against Cancer 3v3 Tournament

Words: Michael Moore

Photos: Izzie Chausse

On Tuesday, March 9, the Zaching Against Cancer 3v3 Basketball Tournament was held during Eagle Time. The tournament was held in honor of former Centennial student, Zach Lederer.

The tournament consisted of teams of three. During Eagle Time, the games were played on the side baskets with students around watching. The tournament was arranged by Health teacher Robert Slopek, and science teacher Chad Hollwedel.

The tournament was held every Eagle Time for three weeks. Each game lasted eight minutes, with teams rotating each day. The finals, held on March 24, were played between the final four teams. Seniors Dougie Barnes, Tom Brown, and Michael Merkey won the tournament.

Junior Interviews

Words: Madhu Lal

Photos: Izzie Chausse and Hunter Hall

Centennial hosted its annual junior interviews on March 22 and 23. Juniors created resumés and prepared for their interviews in their English classes. These interviews were a way for students to gain an understanding of what it takes to apply for a job in the real world. Students not only created resumés in their English classes, but also participated in activities which taught them what employers look for in an employee.

Each student was assigned a volunteer who asked them questions similar to those addressed in a real interview. After the interview students received an evaluation of their interview skills.

Junior Daniela Thomas said, “I think this [junior interview] was very helpful because students are starting to apply for internships, jobs and are doing interviews for college. It helps people understand what is okay and what isn’t okay for an interview.”

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Words: Madhue Lal

Photos: Michael Merkey

Centennial hosted WorldFest on, March 22 from 6-9pm. The event hosted an array of different cultures and ethnic cuisine.

The cafeteria was lined with foods ranging from German apple desserts to Indian samosas. Student produced projects, each displaying a different culture, were set up in the hallway outside the cafeteria. Guests were given the opportunity to learn from students about the different customs, traditions, and foods that are specific to different regions.

Bushra Lohrasbi, a senior with a strong Persian background, explained how in school she tends to be more reserved about her cultural heritage.

Lohrasbi feels that, “…this a good opportunity for me to share the culture that has been so deeply ingrained in my family’s tradition.”

Workshops and classes such as Chinese yo-yo and Greek masks were held in various classrooms. These workshops gave guests the chance to interact and experience different ethnic arts and culture.

Shanna Grimes, a language teacher, stated that, “It is important to learn about cultures other than our own.”

The night ended with a talent and fashion show where students sang songs, danced, and showcased different traditional clothing. The night was filled good food and plenty of cultural information.

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Boys’ Basketball Defeats Wilde Lake in Third Round of Playoffs

Words: Michael Moore

Photos: Hunter Hall

On Wednesday, March 2, the gym at Centennial High School was packed with students, parents, and fans for the Regional Semi Final game between the Eagles and the Wilde Lake Wildecats. The Eagles impressed the crowd and came back to win the game 58-42.

The Eagles struggled to hit shots outside the paint, so the offense began looking into the post for points around the rim. Sophomore Kaleb Addisu was a force inside, finishing consistently.

With the Eagles down by three at the half for the second straight game, the team came out of the locker room fired up. Senior EJ Fowler and junior Elijah White, along with Brown, Addisu, and senior Michael Merkey, led the play for the Eagles. The Eagle defense pressured the Wilde Lake offense and made them take hard shots.

Brown led the game with 16 points, White finished with 13, Addisu scored 12, Fowler finished with 7, Merkey scored 6, and junior Alex Fant and sophomore Jayden Smith finished with 3 and 1 respectively.

The Eagles move on to play Stephen Decatur on Friday, March 5.

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Girls’ Basketball Falls to Long Reach in Playoffs

Words: Michael Merkey

On Tuesday, March 1, the Varsity Girls’ Basketball team lost to Long Reach High School in the second round of the 3A playoffs, 53-48.

The Eagles fought hard and the game was close until the last few seconds. The team played very well and had a great season overall.

Senior Kewa Gray led the Eagles with a game high 22 points followed by sophomore Kelly Simmons (17 points), senior Ally Driscoll (7 points), and junior Jasmine McCree (2 points).

The Eagles finished the 2015-2016 season with an overall record of 15-9.

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