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Senior Showcase

Words and Photos: Zach Grable

On Wednesday, May 3, the annual Senior Showcase took place. This was hosted by Centennial’s Theatre teacher Ms. Carlsen and junior Sydney Grossman.

The seniors who performed included Jenna Baruch, Jong Chung, Maddie Cladis, Emily Erle, Miguel Fernandez, Mevie Henderson, Frances Kramer,Owen Marcineck, Brittney Murugesan, Aidan Newell, Park Sehgal, Ashley Waller, and Ally Wilson.

These students performed dances, skits, and songs.

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Centennial’s Hello Dolly!

Words: Zach Grossman

Centennial’s production of Hello Dolly! began on Thursday, March 23, and continued until Sunday, March 26.

In this year’s play, many returning faces were seen on stage, as well as many new actors and actresses. Hello Dolly! is about a matchmaker named Dolly Levi, played by senior Minnie Gregorini, who enjoys meddling in other people’s lives, which results in three couples being matched together. Among the three couples matched was Dolly herself. Some of the other characters were Ambrose, Horace, Emergrade, Corenelius, Barnaby, and Minnie Day were played by seniors Jun Lee, Jack Goodman, Mevie Henderson, Miguel Fernandez, sophomore Noah Katz, and junior Carolina Requejo, respectively. Irene was played by senior Emily Erle on the Thursday and Saturday performances and senior Ally Wilson on the Friday and Sunday performances.

As always, the theatre department put on a spectacular and entertaining performance every night.

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Harvey Review

Words: Lien Hoang

The Centennial High School play production of Harvey began on Thursday, November 10 and ended on Sunday, November 13. Performances started at 7pm on the first three days of production and 3pm on the last day.

Harvey is a hilarious and entertaining play about a charming man named Elwood Dowd, played by senior Miguel Fernandez, who believes a giant six-foot bunny is living in his home. His sister, Veta Louise Simmons, played by senior Mevie Henderson, tries to commit him to a sanitarium, which leads to all kinds of comedic issues.

The production of Harvey entertained the audience with its creative plot.

Freshman understudy Ali Ibrahim said, “Being a part of the production of Harvey was an incredible experience.”

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Choir Flashbacks

Words: Diana Cagas

On Wednesday, April 27, Centennial’s choir department performed its last concert for the 2015-2016 school year.

Madrigals, Bella Voce, and Concert Choir performed four concerts throughout the school year.

In October, they performed the annual Pop Concert, where each choir group performed modern-day songs.

At their Winter Concert in December, they entertained an audience full of family members and friends with festive and holiday-themed music.

In March, all the choir students traveled to Howard High School for their adjudication. With all their hard work and effort in preparing their music pieces, all three of Centennial’s choir groups received an overall score of 1.

At their last concert, the choir groups came together to perform three songs, all which were in a different genre of music.

As the school year comes to an end, choir members take a look back at the school year and share their favorite memory from choir class and the concerts.

Junior Tori Green has been in Centennial’s women choir, Bella Voce, for three years.

When asked what her favorite memory from choir class was, Green said, “My favorite memory would be when Mrs. Cummings had a substitute one day, and [we spent the whole class jamming out] to Hannah Montana and High School Musical [songs].”

Green also enjoyed singing a mashup of “I Will Survive” and “Survivor” during Pop Concert, because it allowed the choir to bond for the first time.

As a current member of Madrigals and the student aid for Bella Voce, senior Grace Nardei said one of her favorite memories was during the week of the spring music trip. Although Nardei did not go, she enjoyed staying back with the rest of the students who did not go. “There was this one time where we built a pirate ship out of the chairs and music stands that were in the choir room,” she said. “[We] had a lot of free time to be creative.”

Freshman Maria Tambourakis and sophomore Zoe Schoenfeldt’s favorite memory of choir was saying goodbye to the seniors at the last concert. As the night closed out, junior Miguel Fernandez announced the last “TWO-CLAP” for the end of the year. “[Another favorite] memory is being in choir overall, and the trip was amazing,” said Schoenfeldt.

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One Step Closer

Words: Diana Cagas

This year, Towson University’s Center Stage held its 30th Annual Young Playwrights Festival. The Young Playwrights Festival is “a yearly competition that invites student playwrights in K5-12th grade in Maryland to submit their original works”.

Centennial junior Miguel Fernandez wrote his play, “Enlightenment in Skyzone”, which was performed by Center Stage actors at Towson University on Monday, May 2.

“[“Enlightenment in Skyzone” is about a guy] who has been working at Skyzone for ten years and discovers self purpose, thanks to the ghost of John D. Rockefeller,” said Fernandez, who wrote the play for a school assignment. Fernandez’s play was submitted to the festival, and was one of five out of a total of 600 entries to be performed.

Fernandez said he “plans to pursue theatre and screen writing in college.”

Having his play performed at Towson’s Center for the Arts takes him one step closer to fulfilling his career in the future.

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Poetry Out Loud

Words: Madhu Lal

Yesterday Thursday, November 18 the auditorium was filled with students waiting for their peers to recite poetry during the annual Poetry Out Loud competition.

Poetry Out Loud is a national competition aimed to encourage youth to explore the subject of poetry through selecting and memorizing a poem of their choosing. The organization also hopes to help individuals who participate in Poetry Out Loud, with strengthening their public speaking skills through recitation.   

Students first participated in class competitions, the winners moved on to the school competition. The contestants included Tara Laneheart, Chetana Jadhav, Tori Montanez, Anna Moorhead, Fayyaz Zaidi, Miguel Fernandez, Mackenzie Brandon and Megan Hromek.

After a series of impressive performances, the winners were named, the Poetry Out Loud winner was Miguel Fernandez, first runner up was Megan Hromeck and second runner up was Fayyaz Zaidi. These students will be moving on to the next stage of the competition, the regional competition which will be held at the College of Southern Maryland.

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Arsenic and Old Lace

Words: Diana Cagas

On November 12-15, Centennial’s Theatre Department showcased Joseph Ketterling’s Arsenic and Old Lace. The dark comedy involved many humorous and suspenseful scenes and captured the attention of a full audience, packed from the front of the auditorium to the back.

Set in the late 1930s, the play revolves around the Brewster family in Brooklyn, New York. Mortimer Brewster, played by junior Miguel Fernandez, is a drama critic, reviewing plays performed in the theatre. His two beloved aunts, Abby and Martha Brewster, played by junior Mevie Henderson and senior Stephanie Crispell, murder elderly men by poisoning them with a glass of elderberry wine.

As the play went on, the characters built more suspense through the use of irony. As through usual comedy, spit-takes were involved and the actors and actresses made many references to the Panama Canal, Boris Karloff, and the Bible.

The amazing talent of the cast, stage crew, sound crew, and directors truly impressed the audience through five wonderful productions.

Awkward Improv

Words: Diana Cagas

On Thursday, October 22, Centennial High School’s improvisational group, Awkward, took the stage as they acted out multiple skits.

Seniors Ben Newman and Zak Starry, along with juniors Maddie Caldis, Miguel Fernandez, and Owen Marcinek gave the audience an opportunity to suggest topics and locations, allowing them to perform their improvised skits.

Awkward skits are performed very similar to the improv comedy show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” The hour-long show was filled with hilarious skits, funny jokes, and uncontrollable laughter.

Awkward will be holding after school auditions on Tuesday, October 27 for any student interested joining the team.

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