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The Last of Us: An intense television adaptation of the acclaimed video game

Ryan Brown March 29, 2023

Too many people don’t understand the potential that video games have for the film industry. Even for those who don’t play many games, this form of media could open the door to success for many directors....

Capitalism and Deja Vu

Joey Crossney March 27, 2023

Over the last few years, entertainment has become heavily reliant on nostalgia. Some say the decision is killing creativity, while others believe it allows viewers to revisit old ideas and improve upon...

What does Black History Month look like at Centennial?

Sydney Burke March 24, 2023

Black history month is a time to recognize the culture, heritage, and legacy left by African Americans across the world. It's a chance to appreciate not only the history, but the history in the making....

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Maryland officials encourage hunting to regulate high deer populations

Alice Kim and Hannah Kim March 7, 2023

On January 6, 2023, the Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks opened the hunting season of white-tailed deer for licensed Maryland hunters. Hunters were contracted to hunt only until 120 deer...

Passion projects of the Centennial student body

Blenda Undrakhbold and Tavroop Kaur February 23, 2023

At the ring of the first-period bell at 7:25 am, Centennial students begin their regimented schedule of learning, practice, and repeat for seven hours, five days a week for 10 months a year. They plod...

Art By: Melody Lou and Leah Ankutse

Centennial High School presents Matilda as the spring musical!

Mackie Aro February 22, 2023

Centennial High School’s 2023 Spring musical is Matilda! The cast and crew are preparing for the big opening night and the show is really coming together—but what is Matilda really about, and how has...

What is on your teacher’s desk?

Teju Reddi February 22, 2023

A work environment can say a lot about its inhabitants. In this photo series, we took a look at some of Centennial’s favorite teacher’s desks and their choice of adornments. We gained inspiration...

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One week foreign language challenge

Alice Kim and Hannah Kim February 15, 2023

Learning a foreign language is difficult and often requires much dedication, effort, and discipline. The process generally calls for a lot of time, commitment, and practice, which can be challenging to...

A balancing act: How high schoolers walk the tightrope of employment

Rachel Middleton February 14, 2023

While it’s often thought of as a responsibility made for adulthood, many Centennial students made the decision to be employed, whether it be to save up for college or assist in supporting their families.  In...

Solving Santos

Solving Santos

Ryan Brown February 9, 2023

His name is George Anthony Devolder Santos, he is 34 years old and was born in New York, but that’s about all we know. With so little information regarding his past, it’s reasonable that no one would...

The league-wide epidemic that can end pro football

The league-wide epidemic that can end pro football

Jackson Palich January 13, 2023

Throughout the history of the NFL, there has been a common concern that the league is still looking to find an answer to: Injuries. From past players facing significant CTE to current players experiencing...

Galante’s galavant through careers

Abby Conrad January 6, 2023

Click on this link to learn about Frances Galante's life experiences. Link to video: nc/jy/ew For more breaking...

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