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Art Students Stuck in Quarantine

Words: Natalie Keane

Centennial students have been out of school since March 13, and the coronavirus quarantine is still in full effect. Art students at Centennial, amidst the confusion and concern, are now tasked with creating their art exclusively from home, with no access to the materials or resources provided in the classroom. 

For some of these students, this disruption of their normal lives is difficult, because they lose the daily structure and human interaction that provides motivation for them to complete work. But for others, the lack of obligations during the day allows them to fully focus on their artwork, unlike their previous schedules at school.

Maria Daly, a junior in Art 3, says that they have continued to make art throughout the quarantine. These days, despite all the uncertainty, it comes easier to them.

“I’ve definitely had more motivation to do art since quarantine started,” they explained. “It sounds weird, but I think it’s because I don’t have the pressure of having to fit ‘good’ art into my schedule between afterschool clubs, homework, and just general life, whereas now I don’t have 80 [percent] of those things to make me feel pressured in that way.”

Most of Daly’s pieces over the past few weeks have been quarantine-inspired. Their inspiration for their work largely comes from the people they connect with, and since they haven’t seen anyone for the past few weeks outside of their family, they’ve been creating more self-portraits.

“I haven’t really seen very many other people, and a lot of my mood has been impacted by that as well,” they expressed.

Mia Bridges, a senior in Art 3, says that she, too, has been able to create more art now that she is out of school.

“It’s come easier to me [because] I know I have lots of free time,” Bridges said. “Since I’m not bound by school art assignments, I can do pretty much whatever I want.” 

The shut-down has moved her to start taking inspiration from social media and artists she finds online. With less material to draw from in the real world, the internet is the next best thing.

“I’ve been taking inspiration from the artists I follow on social media… people I see on Instagram that wear really cool clothes and have fun hairstyles,” explained Bridges. “When I see people like that it inspires me to want to paint portraits of them, or just sketch them.”

Gabby Cherry, a senior in Art 4, unlike Daly and Bridges, finds that it became more difficult to make art after the quarantine began.

“I would say that my motivation to make art has decreased significantly, but I’m starting to slowly get back into creating by working on smaller projects and sketchbook pages,” she said. 

Cherry is in the highest level of AP art, which requires her to produce much more work for her portfolio. “I put a lot of pressure on myself this year to make larger works for my portfolio and shows, and it kind of took some of the fun out of creating,” she stated. “I feel like it’s important to use [other artist’s] work as a source of inspiration, rather than a way to put myself down.” 

Despite the uncertainty, Daly believes that people will continue to find ways to make art, even if it’s not in the same way as before.

“I feel like a lot of people’s art will reflect the isolation we’re all feeling at this time, and I feel like this will change what art people will be making for a while.”


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Centennial’s 2019 Poetry Out Loud Competition

Words: Natalie Keane

Photos: Zach Grable

On Thursday, December 12, Centennial’s school-wide Poetry Out Loud competition was held in the auditorium.  

Twelve winners from the classroom-level competitions joined each other on the stage to each recite two poems from the Poetry Out Loud website database. Apoorva Ajith, Sophie Bombick, Bethany Cho, Larry Du, Susan Kuhn, Yuri Lee, Aya Mohammed, Mira Palakodety, Mats Te Plate, Taimur Raja, Gray Ren, and Leah Roddy were the school-wide competitors.

This year, the theme of the competition was Around the World. Between recitations, four emcees from the National English Honor Society, each dressed in different cultural attire, gave small anecdotes about poetry in cultures across the globe. This aspect gave listeners a chance to learn about the rich history behind many of the poems recited.

Ajith won first place, with Kuhn scoring second and Palakodety in third.

Ajith will advance with three poems to the Region One competition, held on February 1, 2020 at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.


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Centennial Students Show Out On Pajama Day

Words: Natalie Keane

Photos: Adithi Soogoor & Sara Ferrara

On Monday, September 23, Centennial students arrived dressed in pajamas and all things
comfy to celebrate the arrival of Homecoming Spirit Week. Tomorrow’s Spirit Day will be
Tropical Tuesday, where students will showcase their finest Hawaiian shirts and colorful leis.


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Centennial’s Dance Company Returns With Dancing With the Staff

Words: Sasha Allen & Natalie Keane

Centennial’s annual Dancing With the Staff competition is coming up on Thursday, October 25, at 7pm. This competition will feature 23 daring teachers and staff who are all competing for the title of Centennial Dance Champion. These dedicated competitors are being trained by our talented Dance Company students here at Centennial, and since the beginning of the school year, they have been working hard to blow the audience and judges away with their skillful acts.

Dancing With the Staff began ten years ago as a final project for the Dance Company students, until the fall of 2013, when it turned into a fundraising event to be performed in front of a live audience. Since then, it has been a great way for the Centennial community to come together and support their friends and teachers.

It provides the opportunity for students and staff to switch roles as learners and leaders, and put together a show that’s fun for the whole family,” said Rebecca Clark, dance instructor at Centennial. “The support that the Centennial staff has given to the dancers is heartwarming, and the relationships that have been built through this event are priceless.”

You can come out to support your favorite teachers for only $5 per ticket. Each ticket gives you the ability to cast two votes for the staff member of your choice, and an additional 2 votes can be purchased for just $1.

Make sure to come help your favorite staff members gain the title of Centennial Dance Champion or just to enjoy a fun night full of entertaining acts. Remember, your teachers are working hard to prepare, so be sure to cheer them on!

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Centennial Celebrates Decades Day

Words: Natalie Keane

Photos: Zach Grable

On Thursday, September 27, students went back to the past for Decades Day, the fourth day of Spirit Week at Centennial.

Spirit Week is coming to a close and Homecoming is almost here, but all throughout the school students showed their spirit with bright colors, patterns, leather jackets, and tie dye t-shirts.

Tomorrow marks the final day of 2018 Spirit Week, Color Day. To show your spirit for Centennial, wear your class color: freshmen wear black, sophomores wear blue, juniors wear white, and seniors wear red.

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Back to School Night at Centennial

Words: Natalie Keane

Photos: Zach Grable

On the night of September 6, students, teachers, and parents of the community gathered at Centennial High for the school’s annual Back to School Night.

The evening began at 6:00pm as Centennial students celebrated the new school year by hosting a Gallery Walk in the cafeteria, displaying each club that the school has to offer.

In the auditorium, visitors listened to the Centennial PTSA give a presentation on the school’s student capacity, as well as a speech from Centennial’s new principal, Cynthia Dillon.

This event was a great way for everyone in the community to come and enjoy the atmosphere and spirit of Centennial.

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A Look at the Arts & Entertainment of 2017-2018

Words: Natalie Keane

The year is finally coming to a close, and it’s been hectic, shocking, and beautiful in the world of entertainment. From late-2017 to mid-2018, these are some of the cinematic highlights of the season.

Coco – November 22, 2017

Winning Best Animated Feature Film at the 2018 Oscars, Coco, directed by Lee Unkrich, tells the story of young Miguel, an aspiring musician, who enters the Land of the Dead to find his great-great grandfather and lift a curse on music from his family tree. While highlighting beautiful Mexican traditions, this movie tells a story of discovery, family, and courage through stunning Pixar animation.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – December 15, 2017

Directed by Rian Johnson, the iconic Star Wars saga continues with The Last Jedi. The well-known heroes from The Force Awakens take part in an adventure to fight for the prosperity of the galaxy, while unlocking age-old secrets of the past and shocking revelations from the original Star Wars trilogy.

Lady Bird – February 15, 2018

Directed and written by Greta Gerwig, high-school senior Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson clashes with her similarly strong-willed and opinionated mother, who is working as a nurse to hold her family together as she is now the only source of income for the family. Lady Bird is told that she is ungrateful for what she has, and through her personal journey of self-reflection, this movie touches upon the struggles of leaving adolescence behind and what we truly define as home.

Black Panther – February 16, 2018

This influential black-led major motion picture, directed by Ryan Coogler, dominated in the first quarter of 2018. In total exceeding $1.34 billion at the global box office, in four weeks this movie became the highest grossing Marvel Cinematic Universe movie domestically, second to only The Avengers. This action film, set in the fictional land of Wakanda, still has the power to change the film industry permanently with its diverse cast and powerful storyline.

Love, Simon – March 26, 2018

Based on the 2015 novel Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, this romantic comedy surrounds the life of high-school senior Simon Spier who wants nothing more than for people to understand him. This movie, directed by Greg Berlanti, marks the first ever major motion picture in history to feature a gay teen protagonist.

A Quiet Place – April 6, 2018

Directed by and featuring John Krasinski, the suspenseful thriller A Quiet Place depicts a family of four as they’re forced to live their lives in complete silence after strange creatures threaten to ruin their lives. This fast-paced and packed movie holds the audience on edge at each moment as you’re taken through this post-apocalyptic world.

Avengers: Infinity War – April 27, 2018

The Avengers series, ten years in the making and an iconic part of Marvel Cinematic Universe, has its most intense and thrilling installment of all with Avengers: Infinity War, directed by siblings Anthony and Joe Russo. To defeat Thanos, the Avengers and their team must sacrifice everything they’ve ever known to protect the well-being of the universe. As of May 27, Infinity War has topped $1.9 billion at the global box office in a span of just over four weeks, making this hit one of the biggest domestic earners in American cinematic history.

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