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Centennial Showcases Talent in Annual Dancing With the Staff

Words: Natalie Knight-Griffin

Photos: Eliza Andrew

On October 25, 2018, Centennial’s Senior Dance Company teamed up with a few lucky teachers to perform their annual Dancing With the Staff show.

There were four groups of dancer-teacher performances. In between each group was a video slideshow displaying the partners practicing their moves, most often with the teachers struggling to follow along, but nonetheless having a good time. Dancers interviewed their teachers of choice, asking questions along the lines of their previous dance experience and dance style of choice.

Tensions ran high as the judges debated results and audience members cast their vote. After fifteen minutes of intense discussion and audience voting, the dancers gathered on stage for results. The judges’ choice was Ms. Rebecca Vanover and Divya Proper, and Mr. David Riddler and Jen Solan received Honorable Mention. In fourth was Mr. Kevin Mccoy and Alison Betler, followed by Ms. Tori Hammers and Arya Bhargav. In second was Mr. Edward Fowler and Katie Pistner. Mrs. Erin Parisi and Eshna Ghosh received first for the night.

From rap to Irish dance, to throwback song choices such as “Call Me Maybe,” Dancing with the Staff was a success.

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Centennial Wind Ensemble Opens The Year With A Fall Concert

Words: Natalie Knight-Griffin

Photos: Eliza Andrew

On the night of October 8, the Centennial band program performed an hour long concert showcasing their fall music selections. The jazz band opened the concert with a seasonally appropriate piece, a jazz rendition of Earth, Wind, and Fire’s September. The bands then played in order of advancement, with Symphonic Band first, followed by Symphonics Winds, and finally Wind Ensemble.

Wind Ensemble had the longest program, playing three pieces ranging from a militant march to a faster paced work. Compositions included Fanfare for Justice, Speedway, and Pas Redoublé. The audience gave a standing ovation succeeding Wind Ensemble’s performance. Despite only four weeks of rehearsal, the band program put on a fantastic show.

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Centennial Students’ Homecoming Rituals

Words: Natalie Knight-Griffin

As homecoming nears, Centennial students prepare for the exciting night in various ways. In the days approaching homecoming, students showcase their school pride with a range of spirit days including pajama day, tropical day, USA day, decades day, and color day.

Outside of school traditions, students prepare for the dance with their own traditions. Many who plan on attending the dance spend the day getting ready, ordering pizza, listening to music, and even practicing dance moves.

“I typically go and get my nails done a few days beforehand,” says junior Sara Ferrara. “My friends and I also love doing facemasks the night before for our skin.”

Preparing for homecoming can be a long and extensive process. Everyone has special routines to ensure the night is a success. But really, homecoming is what you make of it.

“I look forward to getting ready with a group of friends,” says freshman Ella Boodin. “It’ll be fun to listen to music and pump each other up!”

From freshmen to seniors, students preparing for homecoming spend hours, and for some, even days to make sure they look their best. With the perfect dress or suit, hair and nails, or whatever you please, homecoming brings a feeling of confidence and excitement to students.

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Empire Mock Trial Prepares for International Conference in Atlanta, Georgia

Words: Natalie Knight-Griffin

On Wednesday, September 12, Centennial’s Empire Mock Trial team presented their trial court case before a mass of parents and teachers. After several months of hard work, memorization, and dedication even during the summer, Mock Trial has a full length court case to be presented at the international mock trial competition in Atlanta, Georgia.

The team consists of senior captain Mary Slattery and co-captain Anjali Gajendiran. Junior captains are sophomore Adam Goldstein and junior Judy Zhou. The team also consists of seniors Kieran Newell and Abby Zoller-gritz, juniors Meenakshi Adiyodi, Sruthi Ranesh, Emily Kim, and Christina Cha, and sophomores Carter Matties, Philip Wong, Adam Goldstein, and Emmeline Murphy.

Students performed the trial seamlessly, presenting months worth of preparation and memorization before a crowd of proud parents. Members of the team have practiced hundreds of hours in total to insure their case is fully committed to memory and presented in a believable manner.

All students play a role in the trial, acting as either lawyers, character witnesses, or expert witnesses. Nearly a hundred pages of mock evidence are used in the trial, all mock mugshots, photographs, and even prints of fake news sourcing regarding the made-up case. The case the team presents is not real, yet has all of the elements of many court cases seen today. The case discusses racial tensions and assault.

“It’s real up to the point that the events did not happen,” says senior Abby Zoller-gritz.

The international conference consists of high school teams from around the globe showcasing their hypothetical cases, each tying into current events and issues. The teams are judged by a panel of lawyers and legal experts. The Mock Trial team leaves for Atlanta on Wednesday, September 19, and returns on September 24. Students are missing three days of school to attend the conference on September 22, 23, and 24.

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Centennial Varsity Field Hockey Starts the Season with a Triumph Over Long Reach

Words and Photos: Natalie Knight-Griffin

Centennial’s Girls’ Varsity Field Hockey team took the field today in their first game of the season against Long Reach High School.

The Eagles started off strong as senior forward Abby Doff scored the first goal within the first two minutes of the game. There was a steady back and forth during the first half as Long Reach worked hard to keep up with the pace.

Due to excessive heat, there were mandatory water breaks every 10 minutes. Despite the exhausting high temperatures, the girls worked tirelessly with a 2-0 lead. Junior Lauren Karasack, playing forward, scored a goal for the Eagles, followed by another successful shot from senior Marta Pochop, playing wing. Long Reach scored their first goal close to the half, making the score 3-1.

In the second half, the Eagles continued to take the lead with Karasack scoring once again. Long Reach failed to keep up as the Eagles continually possessed the ball. The score increased to 7-1 as sophomore defensive player Jane Hudson scored in addition to a second goal from Doff.

The Eagles won with a final score of 7-1.

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Girls Varsity Soccer Defeats Mount de Sales in First Game of the Season

Words: Natalie Knight-Griffin

Photos: Delanie Tucker

Centennial Girl’s Varsity Soccer team took on Mount de Sales Academy for their first game of the season.

The ball traveled up and down the field as the Eagles played a back and forth game of offense and defense. Several minutes before the half, Junior Leah Alkire scored the first goal of the game.

After a break at the half, players returned to the field hopeful and prepared to win. Eagle’s defensive players consistently pushed the ball towards the offense, allowing several players to take their shot on goal.

The game came to an end with a final score of 1-0.

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Centennial Girls Varsity Lacrosse Takes on Marriotts Ridge for Senior Night

Words: Natalie Knight-Griffin / Photos: Eliza Andrew

On Friday, May 4, the Centennial girls varsity lacrosse team fell to Marriotts Ridge after celebrating their senior night. A total of nine seniors played in their last home game of their high school career: Julia Grable, Claudia Pilcher, Mary Grace Lambert, Sydney Back, Meghan Moore, Gaby Chausse, Ashley Florenzo, Camden Blevins, and Julia Yates.

The Mustangs came out strong, scoring the first goal of the game within the first 13 seconds. The Eagles struggled to keep up until senior attacker Julia Yates scored a stealthy first goal, bringing the score to 5-1. Ten minutes into the game, Eagles called for a time out after losing steam and falling farther behind. Feeling tired yet more determined than ever, the Eagles re-entered the game hopeful to make a comeback.

Junior Marissa Lagea scored her 100th career goal, making the score 10-2 with five minutes remaining. In the final minutes before the half, the clock continued running during each goal transition with Mustangs in the far lead.

At the end of the half, the Mustangs lead the Eagles at 16-2. Head coach Bethany Cunha inspired the team to keep their heads up as they sat in a circle and cooled down.

At the beginning of the second half, senior midfielder Claudia Pilcher scored the third goal for the Eagles. Pilcher later scored the fourth and final goal for the Eagles, bringing the game to a close at 19-4.

Despite the hard fall to the Mustangs, the Eagles played an intense game and enjoyed their final farewell to seniors.

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