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Royalty aka Mr129 Returned as Promised

Words: Margaret Heck

Photos: Caitlin Martin

Back in April, during the Project Power kickoff assembly, Royalty aka Mr129 asked Centennial students to wear red on May 13th to show eagle pride and school unity. Now that it’s almost the 13th, Royalty returned to bring Centennial staff and students a present. He brought red wristbands with “#EaglePride” and “#WeAreRoyalty” printed on them to help promote school spirit and unity. The bracelets were funded by Royalty. Students at Centennial are asked to wear red on May 13th, and they will be able to receive the red wristbands during lunch shifts that day.

Remember to Wear Red On April 10th

Words: Paul Didwall

On April 10, 2013, Centennial High School will be hosting a schoolwide assembly in the CHS auditorium to kick-off the Project Power initiative, designed to build character and respect and to break down barriers between CHS students and the community. The entire concept was generated by the Project Power Committee within the Centennial Student School Improvement Team.

To show school spirit and unity, the students and staff of CHS are asked to wear RED on Wednesday, April 10.

Due to the capacity of the auditorium, two assemblies will be held. There will be a modified schedule on April 10, with an elongated period two. Part of period two will be spent in class, and the other part will be spent at the assembly.

Wednesday’s modified class schedule will be published on chswingspan.com at 7:00 AM on April 10.