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Indoor Track and Field County Championship

Words: Zach Grable

On Tuesday, January 17, Centennial High School took part in the Howard County Indoor Track and Field County Championship.

Centennial had many athletes who finished top eight in their event. In the boys’ 3200, Ethan Carpenter came in 5th (10:19) and Greg Costello came in 6th (10:21). Ryan Patterson came in 7th for the men’s shot put (39 ft 7 in). Centennial’s boys also came in 3rd in the 4×800 with a time of 8:37.

For the girls’ 3200, Alison Betler came in 3rd (11:54), Kara Taylor came in 4th (12:16), and Cora Blount came in 5th (12:16). Lauren Brown came in 4th for the shot put (30 ft 9 in). The Eagles did an outstanding job for the girls’ 4×800, coming in first place with a time of 10:16. This is also a Centennial indoor school record.

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Centennial Ties Homewood in Annual Game

Words: Michael Moore

Photos: Izzie Chausse

The annual basketball game between Centennial students from the Sports for Life classes, and a team from Homewood High School took place on March 8 at Centennial.

In front of a gym packed full of students and faculty, the game was as entertaining as it is every year. Both teams played very hard, and the game ended in a tie, 68-68, after Centennial senior Darius Baker scored in the final seconds.

Seniors Niky Sicilia, Baker, Dougie Barnes, John Hohmann, Tyrel Wilkins, and Austin Kraisser led the game for the Eagles. Juniors Mason Smith, Jun Lee, and sophomores Jeremy Wilson, Ryan Patterson, and Josh Horen were also big contributors.

This was yet another fantastic chapter in the tradition that is the Centennial vs. Homewood game.

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