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Junior and Senior Dance Companies to Travel to Disney in April

Words: Mikayla Martin

Every two years, the Centennial senior and junior dance companies fly to Disney World in Florida to perform.

In these upcoming months, both companies will be working very hard to prepare for this trip. In class dancers run through numerous dances that they will be performing at Disney.

Each company will perform dances choreographed by their captains, in addition to dancers choreographed by Mrs. Clark, the dance teacher.

During their time in Florida, dancers will have plenty of time to enjoy the park. competition. They’ll be allowed to go around the park, and also have the option to stay at the resort to relax.

Clark stated, “I am very excited for us to perform at Disney Springs because we have the prime time showcase time; Friday night so it’s going to be packed!”

Being one of the junior company captains, I am very excited to perform the dance I choreographed at Disney and walk around the park with my best friends. It will be a true experience. This will be the 7th year the dance companies have gone to Disney.

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Winter Spectacular

Words: Mehnaz Ashraf

Centennial High School held their annual Winter Spectacular during on Thursday, December 1 and Friday, December 2. The music and arts groups, led by Mrs.Clark, produced a riveting show for the community.

The show featured the Madrigals, Senior Dance Company, Junior Dance Company, Color Guard, Jazz Band, Orchestra, and Musical Theatre.

The show started out with the entire cast performing “Snow Business,” a crowd favorite. It continued on with the Junior Dance Company performing their dances before moving on to a more modern hip-hop style dance. The Madrigals appeared on stage in their Rennasissance attire and performed their popular songs such as “Ding-a-Ding-a-Ding.”

Color Guard then performed “Happiest Christmas Tree.” Both Junior and Senior Dance Companies also came out and performed some of their popular songs such as “Hot Choclate,” “The Nutcracker,” “Marshmallow World,” “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree,” and “Jingle Bells.”

The show ended with the entire cast coming together to sing “Feliz Navidad,” another crowd-favorite, under the conducting of band director David Matchim. It was a full house for both of the shows.

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Winter Spectacular

Words: Diana Cagas

Photos: Izzie Chausse and Hunter Hall

On the evenings of December 3 and 4, Centennial’s music and art groups performed their annual Winter Spectacular. With both shows starting at 7 pm, the full ensemble transformed the school auditorium into a winter wonderland.

The Winter Spectacular involved various fine arts groups showcasing their musical talents. The show featured performances from Madrigals, the orchestra, Musical Theatre, Drill Team, Junior and Senior Dance Company, Color Guard, and Jazz Band.

The fun-filled show started with all performing groups singing the crowd favorite “Snow Business.” After the song, the stage lights dimmed down and the Madrigals appeared on stage in their Renaissance attire, performing “Deck the Halls.” Other songs they performed were “Here We Come a-Caroling,” “Carol, Singers Carol,” and “Ding-a-Ding-a-Ding”.

After the Madrigals’ first number, members from the orchestra tuned their instruments to “Sleigh Ride”. While singing on stage, Musical Theatre also danced to “Winter Wonderland,” “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,” and “Here Comes Santa Claus.”

Aside from singing, both Junior and Senior Dance Company took the stage as they danced to songs such as “Frosty the Snowman,” “Mele Kalikimaka,” “Snow,” and “The Nutcracker Suite”.

Color Guard twirled their flags to “Somewhere in My Memory” from the family Christmas movie, Home Alone. Under the conducting of band director David Matchim, Jazz Band played “Feliz Navidad” and they were joined by all performing groups as they danced and sang, closing the night.

The show was filled with an audience packed from the front of the auditorium to the back. The Winter Spectacular was also performed for 8th graders from different middle schools during the school day on December 4. It truly was a spectacular show.

If you missed the opportunity to watch the Winter Spectacular, there are always more chances to see it in following years!

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Dancing the Night Away

Words: Ashley Berry

Photos: Hunter Hall

October 6, 2015, seventeen courageous staff members and their talented Senior Company dance partners took the stage in hopes of taking home a first place trophy.

The annual Dancing with the Staff was held in the Centennial Auditorium this past Tuesday. The dance teacher, Rebecca Clark, put on the entire show, and Steven Doff was the MC for the night. Very important judges showed up to chose which team they believed was the best, and therefore, the “judges choice.” The audience also had their chance to vote for their favorite team(s), establishing a first, second, third, and fourth place.

All Senior Company dancers chose a Centennial High School staff member to be their dance partner, and have spent the past few weeks choreographing, memorizing, and practicing a dance unique to them. The teams, in order of performance, were: Kristen Lee and Mrs. Robin Fleegal, Jocelyn Lee and Mr. Allen Leung, Emma Pomeranz and Mrs. Claire Hafets, Teresa Whittemore and Ms. Holly Pasciullo, Grace Dwyer and Mrs. Karen Reynolds, Raymond Wang and Ms. Alexandra Ward, Melissa Nussbaum and Mrs. Elizabeth Engle, Josie Brock and Ms. Kathryn Grimm, Sarah Kim and Ms. Megan Cleveland, Natalia Nagy and Ms. Jessica Hammers, Kennedy Lewis and Mr. Theo Brown, Ashley Xu and Mrs. Yuanjun Liu, Grace Zhang and Ms. Kathryn Carlsen, Gabrielle O’Brien and Mr. Corey O’Brien, Abby Pavuk and Mr. David Matchim, Leaira Reid and Mr. Kevin Dorsey, Shiori Mori and Ms. Erin Fisher.

Lee and Fleegal kicked off the night with a dance to Fall Out Boy’s new song, Immortals, in personalized diamond tee shirts reading “Immortal.” J. Lee and Leung took the stage next with a “fresh” routine to a hip-hop mash-up. Their classic white tee’s and red snapbacks provided them with a great look for their routine. Principle Hafets became “one of the kids” for a night with Pomeranz’s routine to the popular pop song, Shut Up and Dance. Next up were Whittemore and Pasciullo with an upbeat routine that plastered a smile on every audience members face.

Dwyer and Reynolds shook up the competition with an original tap routine to a music mash-up where both Reynolds and Dwyer did a full split, ouch! Wang and Ward made the auditorium bounce with the longest performance of the night. Their hip-hop mash-up made the audience laugh, clap, and cheer as loud as they could, especially when they “whipped” and “nae nae” to the popular song Watch Me. Nussbaum and Engle followed with a dance to Worth It. Engle made a mistake in the beginning of the dance, but made up for it by hitting every other move. Brock and Grimm switched it up with a routine where they did the wave, as well as robotic moves.

Kim and Cleveland hit the mark with their performance to Ghost Town. Their dance brought the competition to a new level with difficult moves and a faster pace. Nagy and Hammers shinned bright on stage in their gold pants during their performance to Can’t Touch This. Lewis and Brown made the crowd cheer for their perfectly in-sync splits and back flips, as well as when they “hit the quan”. Xu and Liu touched the audience with their classic fan dance with beautiful red and yellow fans.

Zhang and Carlsen were in-sync through their entire routine to Dear Future Husband by the popular pop artist, Meghan Trainor. O’Brien and O’Brien, known as Team O’Brien, owned the stage in their Team O’Brien shirts and sparkling gold hats during their dance to Classic. Pavuk and Matchim performed a creative, show-stopping performance to a Britney Spears song mash-up. Reid and Dorsey performed a hip-hop routine where they “hit the whip” and received much praise. Mori and Fisher finished the night with a difficult routine with hat flips and cartwheels that ended with personalized shirts that read “No Treble.”

After a brief intermission where audience members and judges voted for their favorite team, a decision was reached. After a performance by only Senior Dance Company and another with the staff members, results were revealed. Third runner up was Nagy and Hammers; second runner up was Dwyer and Reynolds; first runner up was Mori and Fisher. The Judge’s Choice award went to Pavuk and Matchim, and the 1st Place trophy went to Wang and Ward!

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Eighth Graders Visit to Centennial- Photos

Photos: Izzie Chausse

Words: Sandy Eichhorn

On Wednesday, June 3, the 2015 incoming freshmen class had their first visit to Centennial. The eighth graders went on a guided tour through Centennial and learned about the many events that occur here each year. Their guides were current Centennial students who told them about what an average day is like at Centennial and answered any questions. In the media center, the eighth graders learned about the different clubs at Centennial and what they do. The eighth graders could meet and question Centennial students who were involved in a large amount of activities.  The visitors watched a variety of performances by Centennial’s Senior Dance Color GuardCompany, Acafellas, Awkward Improv Team, and the Color Guard.

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The Spectacular Winter Spectacular

Article: Paul Didwall

Photos: Caitlin Martin

Ellicott City, MD – If The Winter Spectacular were a movie, and you were to watch a trailer for it, quotes would sequentially appear on the screen with sayings such as, “10 out of 10,” “Five Stars,” “Centennial Amazes Again,” “There is a reason it is called The Winter SPECTACULAR.” The annual Centennial High School event was held on November 29 and 30 this year, at 7:00 PM in the CHS auditorium. Tickets were $10 a piece and could be purchased at the door or in advance.

Prior to the 7:00 start time, the Madrigals sang the audience in to the room with songs from their repertoire. The show then started off with Santa’s journey to CHS, featuring a comical video of him driving in to the Centennial parking lot blaring holiday music, and then running in to the school getting each performing group ready for the show. Santa, played by Benjamin Evans, and two of his reindeer, Jillian Loeffler and Sarika Reddy, got the performances stared by welcoming the entire cast on stage to perform There’s No Business Like SNOW Business! Santa and his reindeer continued to keep the audience entertained throughout the night with the story of their trip around the globe.

Madrigals then took to the stage to perform Deck the Halls!, and returned at various intervals to wow the audience with more holiday tunes. The Centennial Dance Academy – an after school program for younger dances that was introduced last year – was the second group to take the stage and had a considerable number of performances throughout the night. Each Musical Theater performance was very enthusiastic and well put-together, making it easy to enjoy.

Junior and Senior Dance companies wowed the audience on many occasions including a detailed group performance of The Nutcracker Suite, featuring a solo by senior Madison Croxson. After a few more dances, a phenomenal iteration of Sleigh Ride was performed by the Strings. The show continued on with more dances, musical theater performances, and singing from the Madrigals, as well as more details of the story being told by Santa and the Reindeer.

By this point of The Winter Spectacular, it was time for Jazz Band to take the stage. The Jazz band performed Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas, with flawless vocal accompaniment by Anne Marie Demme. Strings played another great song between the execution of the two Jazz band songs. After the various performances by the various performing arts groups, the entire cast was again brought back in to the auditorium to collectively perform Feliz Navidad. The Band provided the instrumental music, Madrigals and Music Theater sang the lyrics, and dancers filled the auditorium aisles to dance and pass out festive candy canes. The Jazz Band then returned to play the crowd out of the auditorium, with a drum solo from Kevin Lehr.

The night should be considered a success by all involved. Congratulations to the cast and crew of The 2012 Winter Spectacular on a fantastic job.

If you missed the chance to visit this event on Thursday, I would urge you to attend tonight’s (11/30/12) performance at 7:00 PM in the CHS auditorium.