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Cozy By the Fire

Words: Sandy Eichhorn

Photos: Michael Merkey

On Monday, December 21, Centennial students “cozied up” in their pajamas. The second day of Centennial’s Winter Spirit Week was a hit with students breaking out their holiday themed pajamas and onesies. As usual, students relished in the ability to stay in their pajamas all day at school.

Color Me Spirited

Words: Meghan Moore

As Spirit Week comes to a close, Centennial students break out their red, white, blue, and black for Color Day.

On Friday October 9, the 2015 Spirit Week concluded with all grades showing their school spirit by wearing their class colors. The day gives both under and upperclassmen a chance to show their pride not just for the school but for their graduation year.

Unlike other spirit days which can be voted on by the students, Color Day stands as the final day and is the most popular among the students and staff.

“It is the best out of all the spirit days,” commented sophomore Leah Bicknell.

Freshmen wore black or grey, sophomores sported blue, juniors wore white, and the seniors represented red. Students wore a variety of funky outfits to show their pride like tutus, tights, boas, glasses, and face paint.

By the end of the day hallways were littered with fallen feathers of black, blue, white, and red boas.

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Winter Spirit Week Next Week

Words: Giana Han

During Eagle Time in Dec. 11, the administration voted on what spirit days to celebrate next week.

The week will be the last full one of the year, and students will now be able to celebrate with a week full of spirit.

Monday will be Pajama day, a day where students can be cozy in their most comfortable clothes.

The next day, Tuesday, will be Winter Sports day. In addition to the school’s winter sports of basketball, wrestling, and bowling, students may wear any of the gear of the winter sports celebrated during the winter olympics.

Wednesday is Holiday Dress Up day, and students can wear their holiday outfits to school.

On Thursday, the school will have Season Switch day. The winter day will be transformed to a summery one as a respite from the cold.

Finally, on Friday, Centennial will have Ugly Sweater day! A classic holiday tradition, Ugly Sweater day allows people to wear their ugliest sweater without shame.

Photos from Color Day and the Pep Rally

Photos: Izzie Chausse and Caroline Oppenheimer

Words: Giana Han

Centennial finished its Spirit Week with the traditional color day and a pep rally on Friday, September 19.

Each class was distinguished by what color they wore.  The seniors entered the school wearing red, the juniors wore white, the sophomores blue, and the freshmen wore black.   The day ended with an outdoor pep rally where the Fall sports teams walked out across the field, and the students were treated to performances by the marching band and dance teams.

Photos from Character Day/ 80s Day

Photos: Martha Hutzell

Words: Giana Han

On September 18, Centennial had a dual spirit day.  The official theme was Character Day, but the seniors voted separately to have an unofficial 80’s Day.  The school was filled with a mix of TV characters, movie characters, and 80’s characters.  Throughout the building, 80’s music floated down the hallway from where it was blaring from the multiple boom boxes around the school.