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Alumni Feature: Andrew Adams

Alumni Feature: Andrew Adams

Abby Rothrock June 16, 2024

“Journalism can completely shift someone’s belief and passions and understanding of the world.” Wingspan alumni Andrew Adams reminisces on his experiences as part of the newspaper staff. Adams...

Alumni Feature: Jeff Amoros

Abby Rothrock June 13, 2024

Maryland politician Jeff Amoros states; “Being able to write is just such a foundational aspect of the working world, and it doesn’t matter what your field is.” Coincidentally Amoros’ passion for...

Junior Burnout across the Centennial Student Body

Blenda Undrakhbold June 12, 2024

As a high school student, a common phrase that we have been hearing our whole lives is that “junior year is the hardest year of high school.” Especially with the competitive culture at Centennial,...

Superstars collide: Jayson Tatum guarding Luka Doncic

Your Guide to the 2024 NBA Finals

Charles Sandersen June 12, 2024

The NBA Finals have begun and this year's matchup is one we have never seen before. The Boston Celtics from the East will take on the Dallas Mavericks from the West.  The story of Boston’s season...

Alumni Feature: Alyssa Bailey

Alumni Feature: Alyssa Bailey

Tavroop Kaur June 6, 2024

Centennial alum Alyssa Bailey has always liked knowing things before other people. Coupled with her love for writing as a high school student, Bailey was immediately drawn to Centennial's student newspaper,...

Fly High Wingspan: How the Wingspan Will Rebound From the Journalism Program’s Cut

Fly High Wingspan: How the Wingspan Will Rebound From the Journalism Program’s Cut

Tavroop Kaur and Abby Rothrock May 17, 2024

Since Centennial High School’s opening in 1977, the Wingspan staff have been writing and reporting fervently to keep their students updated on the happenings of the Centennial community. Whether it was...

Prestigious or practical? The hot debate of college verdicts

Rachel Middleton May 15, 2024

Amid college acceptances and rejections being announced, the inevitable conversation of finances arises among family and friends. Whether it be tuition, the rewarding of scholarships, or the seemingly...

All screenshots by: Joey Crossney, App by: Riley Testut

Delta: Game Emulator: The battle of emulation and game preservation

Joey Crossney May 15, 2024

Apr. 18, 2024 was a big day for game emulation enthusiasts and gamers alike. The Delta: Game Emulator was released on the Apple app store by a developer named Riley Testut. The app is completely free yet...

Overworked or lazy? Let’s get personal

Emma Liu May 9, 2024

There are only 24 hours in a day, seven days a week, and four weeks a month. Some days, these time limitations are the fuel I need to get through all of my work and achieve my goals. But other days, it...

Centennial’s girl’s lacrosse team huddles during a game against Howard on April 24

“No one works harder than Centennial athletes”: Girls’ lacrosse ends regular season on note of resiliency

Abby Conrad May 7, 2024

“No one works harder than Centennial athletes”: Girls’ Lacrosse Ends Regular Season on Note of Resiliency To say that Centennial’s girl’s lacrosse team has had a difficult season would be...

The digital camera: A new desire for something old

Emma Liu April 29, 2024

It seems that out of nowhere, small digital cameras have become relevant once again in my life for the first time since I was ten. When I leave the house for a night out, my friends and I have deemed it...

How did Centennial electives host field trips?

Lily Vuyovich April 29, 2024

As the end of the third quarter approached, many students had been looking forward to field trips, such as the increasingly popular spring music trip with theater and dance. While it remained undecided...

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