Congratulations Mr. Wheeler!

February 21, 2020

The Wingspan would like to congratulate English teacher Thomas Wheeler for winning Teacher of the Year! He is the third English teacher in a row to win the Teacher of the Year award.   ks/pb/dt/nk For more breaking news and photos, follow The Wingspan on Instagram and Twitter @CHSWingspan. ...

Sara Duran is Named Centennial’s 2019 Teacher of the Year

Sara Duran is Named Centennial’s 2019 Teacher of the Year

March 8, 2019

Words: Javiera Diaz-Ortiz Photos: Zach Grable This morning, Teacher-of-the-Year nominees, along with seniors selected by them, gathered in the staff lounge for the first ever Teacher-of-the-Year Breakfast. At the breakfast, English teacher Sara Duran was named Centennial’s Teacher of the Year for 201...

Sharbaugh Accepts Teacher of the Year Award at Board of Education

From left: Daugherty, Lambert, Kruhm, and Chiu.

April 24, 2018

Words and photos: Sarah Kruhm On Tuesday, April 24, the Board of Education of Howard County hosted students and teachers of the county’s 13 public high schools to celebrate those chosen to be Senior Teachers of the Year 2018. Those invited included: the teachers chosen, principals, and students who vote...

Sharbaugh Wins Teacher of the Year for First Time

Sharbaugh Wins Teacher of the Year for First Time

February 14, 2018

Words: Meghan Moore Photos: Laila Abu-Ghaida On February 14, Centennial seniors showed their love for their 2018 teacher of the year: John Sharbaugh. Sharbaugh teaches ninth grade English, and he came to Centennial when this year's seniors were freshmen. Voting began in senior English classes during the last week o...

Mr. Whitaker Wins Teacher of the Year!

Mr. Whitaker Wins Teacher of the Year!

February 8, 2017

Words: Abby Vall Photos: Jeremy Hall The senior votes for Teacher of the Year were finalized and the administration, SGA, and student reporters gathered to congratulate Mr. Whitaker for receiving the Teacher of The Year Award on January 8, 2017. Ms. Hafets led the entourage to Whitaker’s room as students...

Centennial’s Teacher of the Year: Holly Pasciullo

January 30, 2014

Words: Miranda Mason Photos: Martha Hutzell Congratulations to Holly Pasciullo, who was announced as this years Teacher of the Year after seniors at Centennial voted over the past couple days. During third period, administrators, staff, and students surprised her with cake, balloons, and flowers showi...

Congratulations to Mr. Mitch Warren

February 4, 2013

On Monday, February 4, 2013, the annual teacher of the year decision was announced. Mr. Mitch Warren was declared as The Centennial High School Teacher of the Year. Congratulations Mr. Warren!

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