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Flacco Gets a Big Pay Day

March 4, 2013

Kyle Simpson, Ravens Corespondent The wait is finally over. The Ravens' quarterback Joe Flacco has agreed to a new long term deal that will finally put to rest all of the questions of numbers and salary...

Ravens’ Epilogue

February 14, 2013

Words: Kyle Simpson, Ravens Corespondent It has been a week after the glorious win in New Orleans and everybody seems to be coming of the high of victory. And here are some highlights from the last week...

Chaos in the City: Ravens Parade

February 6, 2013

[slideshow] Words: Kyle Simpson, Ravens Corespondent Photos: Caitlin Martin Baltimore, MD - The Ravens' Vice President of Public Relations, Kevin Byrne told owner Steve Bisciotti on the way home from...

Storybook Season Gets a Storybook Ending: Ravens are World Champs!

February 5, 2013

Words: Kyle Simpson, Ravens Corespondent Baltimore, MD - You could not write a better ending for the last ride of Ray Lewis. Becoming a Super Bowl champion after making one last goal line stand to win...

Roller Coaster Season Makes One Last Stop

February 1, 2013

Words: Kyle Simpson, Ravens Corespondent Baltimore, MD - “We have the opportunity to go on and finish what we started... Ravens on three,” said Ray Lewis after the devastating loss in New England...

Ravens-Broncos Preview: A Chess Match for the Ages

January 11, 2013

Words: Kyle Simpson, Ravens Corespondent The weekend is finally upon us where, once and for all, a week of speculation is put to rest. The Ravens go to battle with the Denver Broncos in a game that many...

ESPN Writes Off The Ravens

January 9, 2013

Words: Kyle Simpson, Ravens Corespondent The Ravens have a tough game ahead, no doubt (they are 9 point underdogs). The Broncos are a great team and it will be a great game on Saturday. Most of the sports...

The Last Dance

January 7, 2013

Words: Kyle Simpson, Ravens Correspondent Baltimore, MD - It was a bittersweet day walking into M&T Bank Stadium yesterday. Everybody was walking in knowing what to expect, but not really prepared...

Raven Ray Lewis to Retire At the End of the Season

January 2, 2013

Words: Kyle Simpson Baltimore, MD - I have been alive for 17 years. As a Ravens fan, I have never experienced a team without Ray Lewis either on the field or on the sideline. The number 52 has become synonymous...

The Ravens Win Against The Patriots (Kyle Simpson)

September 25, 2012

The White Stripes' Seven Nation Army echoed through Baltimore as the clock struck zero around midnight last night on the Ravens 12th straight home win streak against none-other than the New England Patriots....

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