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Volleyball Senior Night

Words: Kieran Senisi

On Tuesday October 25,  Centennial High School Volleyball took on the Long Reach Lightning for their Senior Night game.  

The Eagles had a dominating game, winning in three sets. What made this night even more special was the fact that it was Centennial’s Senior Night.  The seniors honored were Camryn Allen, Anna Chan, Gabby Fairley, Sabrina Han, and Rachel Mathew. Each senior walked out with their families while the rest of the team read speeches to them thanking them for their dedication to the team.

The Eagles will play at Howard for the last game of the season.

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Volleyball Team Ends Regular Season with Win

Words: Giana Han

Centennial Volleyball finished the season on a high note, sweeping the Atholton Raiders in three sets on Oct. 24.

The Lady Eagles won in three consecutive games, with scores of 25-19, 25-16, and 25-13. It was a great team effort; by the end of the third set, every player had seen court time.

“The underclassmen closed [the game] out,” said sophomore Emily Allen.  E. Allen tied Katie Havlik for the most kills of the match, both putting up eight kills for the night.  E. Allen also had two of the three blocks that the team had this game, and Camryn Allen also had an impressive night, with 13 digs and 5 aces.

“Our service got better in the third set.  We didn’t really have service runs in any of the other games,” said Katherine Chao, the varsity manager.

“It’s exciting to finally have positive points rather than negative points,” said senior captain Kristen Ritchie, who ended the game with four kills and 11 digs.  “I can dig it,” she said, laughing. The stats were solid across the board, the team finishing with 36 kills, 16 aces, and three blocks.

The team ended the year with a record of 7-6.  They will be moving on to play-offs where they hope to do repeat last year’s success and make it to the state championship.

“Each match we’ve gotten a little bit better,” said head coach, Larry Schofield. “We’re in the process of peaking.  We haven’t peaked yet, but we saw in the Howard game how good we can play against a strong team.  Keep that approach up, and we’ll scare people at states.”

Eagle’s Volleyball Faced Off Against the Wildecats

The Eagle’s volleyball team faced off against the Wildecats at Wilde Lake High School on September 24, 2013.  After an intense match that went to five sets, the Eagles lost two sets to three against Wilde Lake.

Wilde Lake started the match out strong in the first set and gained an early lead. The Eagles managed to tie the set at 19-all, but came up short, losing the set 25-21.

Centennial took the lead in the second set and kept it through most of the set. At 23-19, a yellow card was given to the Wilde Lake coach who argued a point too far with the referees, giving Centennial a point. Camryn Allen served the final serve of the set, the ball came back over, and Meghan Kelley won the set point with a tip over the block.

The third set went to the Eagles, as well, with Allen serving out the final points. The fourth set started with Centennial up two games to one. However, the momentum shifted, and Wilde Lake took the third set in a close game. The Eagles started out in the lead during the third set, but the Wildecats were able to tie it at 17 points. Wilde Lake then gained a lead, and the Eagles’ efforts were not quite enough to catch up. The fourth set went to Wilde Lake, 25-22.

The Eagles started with the ball during the tie breaker. They won the first point and then lost the second rally.  The serve went to Wilde Lake who then took the lead, and the Eagles were not able to take it back before Wilde Lake scored the fifteenth, final point of the game. They lost the set 15-9 points, and the match 3-2.

The Centennial volleyball team is now 2-3 and will play Oakland Mills at Centennial High School on Thursday.

Eagles’ Volleyball Team Falls to the Howard Lions

Words: Giana Han

The Centennial Volleyball team experienced a devastating loss to Howard High School on September 10, 2013.

The Lady Eagles went 0-3 against the Lady Lions.  The first two games, they lost 25-18 and 25-17 respectively.  The Eagles pushed the third match into extra points, but fell short 26-24.

Junior captain, Meghan Kelley led the Eagles with six kills, and three aces.  During the third set, she served for eight straight match points, two of which were aces.

Her team helped her get the other six with several outstanding plays, including a kill from Monika Buczak and a triple block by Emily Allen, Katie Havlik, and Buczak.

Through serving, Kelley brought the score up from 24-17 to 24-all.  However, the team’s impressive run was not enough to help the Lady Eagles win the third and final set.

“We played to the best of our ability, they just played better.  There was a lack of communication, but we’re still looking forward to the rest of the season,” said senior co-captain, Kristen Ritchie.  “We are hoping this is just a bump in the road.” Ritchie also led the team with aces in the first two sets and then four kills in the third set.

Head coach Larry Schofield said, “We showed first-match jitters. We were going up against one of the number one teams in the county.”  He added, “They out played us, out hustled us, and out hit us.  There was not much we could do.”

This was the first time many of the girls have played together, and there are several young players on the team.  They hope that time and work will help them to improve.

“It was the first game,” said Jessie Link, a senior co-captain. “We’re going to come back stronger because now we know what we need to work on.”

Volleyball State Finals Summary

by Emma Harring

College Park, MD – The Centennial Eagles volleyball team had an outstanding season with an 18-1 record, including the playoffs. The team remained undefeated throughout the regular season and played their hearts out in the playoffs.

On November 16, the Eagles faced the reigning state champions, the North Hagerstown High School Hubs, in the 3A State Championship. The Eagles and the Hubs remained in a close back and forth battle throughout the first two set.

“We came out strong, but we didn’t continue our strength,” said senior Trisha Mockapetris, who finished with fifteen kills. “You have to want every point. You have to play every point like it’s the last.”

Unfortunately, the Eagles lost the match in three sets (20-25, 23-25, and 12-25).

“We were beat by a better team,” said head coach, Larry Schofield. He added, “We didn’t execute the way we needed to.” Both Schofield and some of the players agreed that the team played tentatively and the players started second guessing themselves.

White-Torreullas said that “not hearing each other all the time,” and the noise level from the fans effected communication on the court.

Junior Jessie Link said that the players learned to work as a team this year and she believed that the winning tradition of volleyball had been restored to Centennial. The volleyball team has three current seniors that will graduate this year: Hannah McKown, Trisha Mockapetris, and Lexi White-Torreullas.

Senior Lexi White-Torreullas said that while she was upset that she lost, she remembered the real reason for being out on the court.

“It is about having fun, not always about winning or losing.”

Volleyball State Finals Photos

College Park, MD – After a phenomenal volleyball season, the CHS Lady Eagles varsity volleyball team lost to North Hagerstown High School in the 3A MPSSAA State Finals on Friday November 16, 2012. The Eagles played a close game with scores of 20-25, 22-25, and 12-25 in each set respectively, but unfortunately could not come out ahead of North Hagerstown. Congrats to the Lady Eagles on a FANTASTIC season.

Photo Credit: Caitlin Martin

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