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World Hijab Day

Words: Meghan Moore

On Wednesday, February 1, 2017, the Muslim Student Association organized Centennial’s participation in World Hijab Day.

World Hijab Day is an international celebration in recognition of the millions of Muslim women who choose to wear the hijab. Centennial students had the opportunity to wear a hijab for a day to put themselves in the shoes of a hijab-wearing woman. Centennial senior Shukran Babkir was the head organizer of World Hijab Day within the Centennial community.

 “It was inspired by the noticeable lack of knowledge of the hijab and the Islamic beliefs of modesty, I wanted to offer an opportunity for everyone to learn about it,” said Babkir.

 Students met in the Foreign Language Office and were given a headscarves donated by women in the Muslim Student Association and wore the hijabs during the school day. The MSA connected with other Centennial clubs such as Delta Scholars, She’s The First, and Girl Up in order to orchestrate the event.

 “It was a great experience and truly brought people together. Even for the people who didn’t support it . . . it at least provoked discussion and awareness. Which [was] all we could ask for,” concluded Babkir.

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