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Centennial’s Accafellas Club Update

Words: Xander Mauer

Accafellas is an all-male a capella choir group with the voice parts of tenor, baritone, and bass. They meet once a week in the choir room (703) after school every Tuesday at 2:15-3:00. They practice songs they hope to perform at the three concert choir concerts throughout the year.

The first concert where they will be performing will be on December 12 at 7 pm. Accafellas will perform the Christmas song compilation “12 Days of Christmas” written by the group Straight No Chasers and composed by the club’s student co-president Leo Wu.

After the concert, Accafellas will be accepting new members again. If you are interested in joining, either contact one of the student co-presidents, Steven Mitchell and Leo Wu, or show up to the first meeting after the concert.

No musical background or auditions are required; you only have to be willing to show up and learn the music. If you wanted to take choir but couldn’t because of a schedule conflict or needed a different credit, then this club would be a good substitute.

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Maryland All-State Music Students Announced

Words: Sarah Kruhm

Please congratulate the following students on being accepted as wind players to the Maryland All-State Junior and Senior ensembles. CHS band students occupy nearly 10% of All-State ensemble wind sections, more than any other high school in the state. The Centennial students recently welcomed include:

Hyungjoo Han (flute alternate), Emmeline Murphy (oboe), Asha Kline (bassoon), Alexa Patnaude (clarinet), Tomas Germanas (clarinet), Samuel Cheng (clarinet), Richard Gao (clarinet), Larry Du (clarinet), Colin Eng (baritone saxophone), Joshua Oberly (trumpet), Joseph Tsaiho (trumpet), Carter Matties (trumpet), Alexander Chen (tuba), John Sedor (percussion), Helen Yang (clarinet), Nadine Meister (clarinet), Kevin Xu (clarinet), Shane Hou (tenor saxophone), Keegan McCardell (horn), Joanna Park (horn), Tobi Ajiboye (trombone), Jack Keane (trombone), and Norman Zhang (trombone alternate).

The following students are being accepted into Junior and Senior All State Orchestra. Kudos on their hard work and getting into such a prestigious ensemble.

Senior All State members are as follows: Violin 1: Alice Lin*, Angela Kou, Emily Kim, and Allen Wang. Violin 2: Nicole Meister*, Nicole Lee*, Leah Mitchell, Vicki Li, Joon Park, Ruoheng Zeng, and Joshua Qiu. Viola: Jisoo Choi*, Steven Hu, and Ethan Lin. Cello: Hannah Kim, Peter Ho, and Genevieve Lee.

*Placed in top 4 and will audition for section leader.

Junior All State members are as follows: Violin: Aaron Chen, Helen Li, and Justin Liang. Viola: Melody Chu.

Congratulations to freshman Sean Kim on winning the Howard County High School GT Orchestra concerto competition. Sean plays cello and his concerto will be featured in the BSO side by side concert in February at the Meyerhoff.

Also congratulations to sophomore Leah Mitchell on winning 2nd place in the 2017 Friday Music Morning Club Strings Competition. She received a cash award of $700.

The following students were accepted in to the Maryland All State Choir: Ana Cunningham, Nicole Ouellette, Kai Daley, Anika Huang, Rachel Harris (Soprano Alternate), Moitri Kazi (Alto Alternate), Lauren Herr, Sabrina Ochoa, Srija MakkapatiCaroline Shimeall, Ashley Xu, Charu Dwivedi, Shardul RakshitWilliam QuAntariksh Tulshyan, and Ameya Sriram.

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Centennial’s Nutcracker Production

Photos: Camryn Desai / Words: Natalie Keane

On the nights of November 30 and December 1, the seats of Centennial’s auditorium were filled for the dance department’s production of The Nutcracker. When the orchestra began to play and the curtains opened, the show immediately captured the attention of everyone.

The production featured amazing choreography, and it also showcased music from members of Centennial’s orchestra, wind ensemble, and choir groups Bella Voce and Madrigals. Each part of the show fit together perfectly, and it made the performance a memorable experience to watch. The music was performed flawlessly and it was what told the story of The Nutcracker. It brought the characters to life, making the audience even more drawn to the show’s message.

The hard work and effort that was put into this production in every aspect, whether it be through dance or music, was apparent, and each dancer on stage showed a tremendous amount of dedication to their roles. The energy that the performers put into The Nutcracker over the past few months really showed through their enthusiasm on stage, and the amazing performances from the dance and music departments definitely made this show a success.





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Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Shocks World

Words: Julia Stitely

Marvel fans around the world have been anticipating this event for months. They have waited to see shots from one of their most anticipated movies of 2018: Avengers: Infinity War, and finally they have. The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s finale is set to release in May of next year, but we got a special trailer to it that broke records as the most viewed trailer with 230 million views in 24 hours.

The trailer starts with a conversation with The Avengers like Thor, Iron Man, and Black Widow, talking about their purpose of creating the team to help humanity. Following the Marvel logo, Thanos, the movie’s villain, starts a monologue as destruction begins. Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr., is seen running out of a door which some speculate is Doctor Strange’s headquarters. Peter Parker also notices a huge object in the sky from his school bus.

As the trailer goes on, we get shots of different characters like Black Panther and a now, brunette and bearded Steve Rogers (Captain America).

Then, after the logo for the movie comes on, darkness fills the screen but the trailer keeps going. Thor appears and asks, “Who are you guys?” It turns out he is talking to the Guardians of the Galaxy who haven’t interacted with any other Marvel characters.

Sophomore Ameya Sriam had one word after watching it, “Incredible.”

“I’m excited to see all these characters come together from different storylines,” she commented, “but they unite here!”

The trailer gives off even more questions to fans. What will happen? Who is going to die? Who is going to survive Thanos’s wrath? We will see on May 4, 2018.

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CHS Model United Nations Conference

Words: Maggie Ju

On Saturday, November 11, the ninth annual Centennial High School Model United Nations Conference (CHSMUNC) was held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Eighteen high schools from Maryland, northern Virginia, and Washington D.C. yielded a total attendance of over 300 delegates.

Beginning at 8:30 a.m., formally-dressed delegates filtered into the school to register, and proceeded into the cafeteria. At 9 a.m., the student leaders of the CHS Model UN club made opening remarks at the podium. They stepped aside for the keynote speaker, Maricy Schmitz of the Brazilian Embassy, who delivered a speech about the value of diplomacy. When the applause ebbed away, the delegates dispersed into their committees’ rooms, ready to begin the conference.

Split into nine committees, delegates representing countries or acting as specific people debated and drafted resolutions to issues. The largest committee was the General Assembly, with over 60 delegates, discussing indigenous people’s rights. Other topics were varied — the Joint Crisis Committee devised plans for the fate of Harry Potter, while the Historical Committee simulated the Greek city-states uniting against the Persian invasion.

CHSMUNC is the largest high school-sponsored Model UN conference in Maryland, and each year, a member of CHS Model UN assumes the role of its coordinator. This year, the Fall Coordinator was sophomore Caio Goolsby. He coordinated the staff, contacted schools, and kept track of delegates.

“One of the most grueling duties was giving assignments,” he said. “I had to assign people or nations to all 318 delegates that attended the conference.”

Goolsby also found the keynote speaker — a feat made even more impressive by the fact that it was coordinated internationally. He credited many people in his endeavors, including CHS Model UN’s Co-Secretary Generals, the club’s teacher advisors, and his parents.

“My staff and I, we really poured our hearts and souls into that conference,” Goolsby said.

Charu Dwivedi, a sophomore at Centennial, worked on the United Nations Security Council to solve the current conflict in Ukraine. It was her second time attending CHSMUNC.

She said, “It is guaranteed that every attendee will learn something valuable from the event, whether that be about an important world issue, working with others, communication, or how the UN works.”

CHSMUNC is open to those who do not have any experience with conference procedure, serving as a gateway to collegiate conferences for novices. One such novice was freshman Chris Lidard, who expressed some apprehensions before the conference.

I was initially worried that a lot of upperclassmen would be so experienced with parliamentary procedure and debate that I wouldn’t be able to contribute at all,” he admitted.

CHSMUNC allowed me to understand how Model United Nations works, which consequently allowed me to develop a sense of leadership, communication, and global citizenship that will continue throughout my high school career and beyond.”

Saf Masood, a junior at Paint Branch High School in Montgomery County, was a returning participant. “I think this conference is a good kick-off to the Model UN year,” he said. “The Centennial staff does a great job putting this out every year, so I commend them.”

When asked about his opinion of the conference, Goolsby praised the delegates’ performance. “They were well put together, very intelligent, and confident,” he reflected. “In fact, the Brazilian speaker commented on several occasions how well the delegates were speaking and said…that these kids are our future. And with them at the helm, I think it is a bright future indeed.”

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