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Wrestling Senior Night


Words: Zach Grossman

Photos: Laila Abu-Ghaida

On Tuesday, January 31, the Centennial Eagles Varsity Wrestling team had a nail biting defeat against River Hill on Senior Night. Head coach Cliff Kraisser introduced all five seniors while they were escorted by their parents and siblings. Dwight Leiva was escorted by his father and brother. Mac McGuire was escorted by his parents. Chris Baker was escorted by his parents. And last but not least, the Narmouq brothers, Ammar and Amr, were escorted by their mother.

Sophomore Jason Kraisser began the match with a win for the Eagles which set the mood for the match. The match was very close but with multiple forfeits and losses, the Eagles were in a bit of a hole. However, the team did not lose hope. With no wins from any seniors yet, it was up to Ammar Narmouq to start the madness.

Ammar walked to the away side of the mat and took a knee, then walked to the center like he owned the mat. Ammar did not disappoint the crowd, as he dominated his opponent. With it being his last home match, Ammar wanted to go out strong with a pin or at least a win. Instead, Ammar’s opponent forfeited due to injury and Ammar won.

Next up was senior Amr Narmouq. Amr had the quickest match of the night because he pinned his opponent within the first 14 seconds of the match. The Narmouq brothers’ wins put the Eagles back in the range of being able to win.

Unfortunately when the last few wrestlers came up, the Eagles needed a win and a pin to win the match but they couldn’t manage to get the pin.

The Eagles had a hard fought match but were unable to come out on top against one of their biggest rivals.

The Eagles Varsity and Junior Varsity Wrestling teams will have one last stand at River Hill on February 17-18, 2017 with hopes to claim county titles and a possible advance to the State Tournament.

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