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Hallway Pass Enforcement

Words: Ashley Berry

By now, many students have noticed the new enforcement of hall passes by Centennial’s administration. It began with administrators guarding the hallway outside the cafeteria during lunch shifts, and it slowly moved to announcements regarding the requirement of hall passes.

On Monday, February 27, teachers began their hall duty shifts. This means that during every class period for the rest of the school year, there will be teachers stationed in different hallways checking to make sure students are carrying passes with them as they move from place to place. A schedule has been made for the rest of the year, and in order to carry out this plan, teachers must use a Program Implementation Period (PIP) for their hall duty shift five times every four weeks.

There have been many questions and concerns raised by students regarding the sudden enforcement, and some are confused and frustrated. Claire Hafets, the principal at Centennial, would like to address the student body, answering any questions or concerns they have, as well as keeping them informed with the new circumstances and requirements of hall passes.

Students, parents, and faculty members are encouraged to email any questions or concerns regarding the enforcement of hall passes to the administration.

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(Updated 3/3/2017 @9:21 a.m. to correct the type of period teachers use for hall duty)

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