Art Students Kick Off New Year With Early Art Gallery (Anna Mitchell)

September 10, 2012 started the school-wide art
gallery being displayed throughout the hallways of CHS. Much earlier
than previous years, the exhibit will show off Art 1, Art II, and Art
III students’ work from the 2011-2012 course. The variety of classes
being displayed in the gallery gives every grade’s artists an
opportunity to be seen by the school poplation.
The demonstration of artwork is expected to remain on display for at
least a few weeks. In regards to another art gallery in the future,
“It is in the works,” said Mr. Hanssen, Art I and Art III GT teacher
at CHS. He explained that his students have many projects in class,
and they are working to get their products in for another arrangement.
Mr. Mark Hanssen is entering his fourteenth year teaching, although
his new job at Centennial is only his fourth year working in Howard
County. Before instructing English and art courses at Long Reach, he
spent eight years in Japan while directing high school art. He also
spent two years in England, and working for the Department of Defense
When asked how he felt about his move to Centennial, Mr. Hanssen
responded, “After we [he and his family] moved to Howard County, this
[Centennial] is where I’ve wanted to be. I’ve worked very hard to be
here.” He described his mood regarding the new school year as
Mr. Hanssen’s positive outlook on the 2012-2013 term will hopefully
result in much impressive artwork produced as well as displayed in the
halls. “The future is bright. I couldn’t be happier with the kids,”
concluded Hanssen. “I came here knowing there was a lot of talent.
It’s very apparent the students work hard.”