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Joining Honor Societies (Giana Han)

It’s the beginning of the school year at Centennial High School, and many
opportunities for students to get involved are arising, according to the Centennial website (, although many students are unaware of these clubs and organizations, including honor societies.

Many people are aware that there is a National Honor Society (NHS), but they do not know about the various honor societies that many different subjects have. The Centennial website currently lists six honor societies and provides information on the meeting time and place, the advisor, and a way to contact the advisor.

An invitation to the NHS is one of the highest achievements a high school student can receive. Their website proclaims that members must be scholars with a GPA of 3.4/ 4.0. They must be involved in service work and display leadership and character. Only upperclassmen can join, and they must receive an invitation. Michelle Bagley is the advisor of NHS. Applications for this group are due October 12, the new member meeting is October 24, and the general meeting is November 7.

The National Art Honor Society (NAHS) had their first general meeting on Thursday, September 13 in the Art room. The next meeting is September 20. To be in NAHS, one must have completed at least one art course. Sophomores and upperclassmen are eligible, while freshmen can join the Art Service Branch. There is a 75% attendance rate required, and the meetings go from 2:15 to 3:50. The purpose of this group is to lend artistic talents to the community.

“It [NAHS] is service with creativity while you still get to do cool things like paint murals and teach young kids art,” said Roxanna Shadmehr, a project manager in NAHS. The members of the group help the school with artistic jobs throughout the school year.

The Publications Department has an honor society called Quill and Scroll. Students must apply and be accepted by Mr. Van Westervelt. Requirements are that one must be an upperclassman (juniors and seniors), and have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA, and have been in Journalism or Yearbook for at least two years.

If students were aware of these societies, they might find one that suits their interests. They can be fun, and, as many students are concerned, they look good on a resume. Tri- M Music honor society is another choice for students looking to join an honor group, as well as the Math Honor Society and the Science National Honor Society. These clubs are listed on the Centennial website, along with the information concerning them. Other honor societies, which have not been posted on the website but have existed in the past, include the French Honor Society, the Spanish Honor Society, the German Honor Society, and the Muslim Honor Society, according to the last Centennial yearbook published.

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